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Mark W

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Anyway, now the "Hallelujah, I'm out of work" furore has died down, I've got some questions to ask of ye all.

Basically, I'm looking at getting an Eno Trials freewheel. I simply can't afford the £160 for a Profile, £20 for a build, £20 for the sprocket, etc. - so I'm going for the cheaper option. I've been running a Dicta front freewheel for the past year (16 clicks (assuming they click) - how joyous), so anything's an upgrade :S\ Eno's have been out for a fair while now, so I'm guessing people have had 'experiences'. What are they like? I know they're 72-click or summat, so that's sexy, but what about their strength? I think ages ago I heard some riders complain that their's died pretty quickly, but what do people think now? They still working OK? Do they skip much? Better/worse than a Claw?

Secondly, cranks for mods: I'm running Onza Musclemans, and I need a new right crank arm. However, I kinda fancy them in a slightly longer...er...length, so have any mod riders here tried running 170mm cranks on their mods with front freewheel? I quite like the idea of having a bit more torque, but does it feel rock-ass weird? I'm looking at the DDG Orbitas 'cos they're only £45, but the right crank I need's only £28 new, so I might just go for that - but has anyone tried a longer one?

Thanks for any help,


P.S. Back in the day when I ran Tensiles, they seemed pretty sexeh, and that was 170mm length, but I was running 22:14 then, so I didn't know how it'd affect me if I was using 18:12...

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Only problem is is that my gay-ass Onza cranks have the tapers set at a 45° offset, to each other, so I'd need a whole new crankset, which would be more than £28, I'm guessing. Equally, it's just that I've stretched the tapers too much on mine to be able to fit a Claw on a 127.5mm BB (cheers for suggesting that Ad), and I've raped the thread where you remove it. All of which mean Mark is a :S boy. Thanks for the info on the Eno anyway :P

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I run an eno, on 170mm tensiles. Would like them a bit shorter cranks as i like pedal gaps, but they are good for gaps and such.

An Eno is better than an ACS. Thats a fact. But they cost alot more, some people think they cost too much, they're probably right. An eno is 8 times as much, but they arnt 8 times better. i would say 3 times as good. :P

They do tend to slip more than i thought they would, but mine is getting better. I think they like to get worn in, like a disk brakes. But they only slip when your are riding about, and not trialsing.

I also noticed that they tend to be quite restrictive, normaly you can hold a freewheel in you hand, and you can spin it with your finger. With my eno you coudnt, but it still turned of course. not that it realy matters, as you don't realy need it to be 'free' on trials. but still, i dont know if that was just mine....

Eno also feel MUCH stronger, it feels like you have the freewhel on the back. its feels like it can take the torque.

I would definatly get and eno if you have the money, but acs's do the job fine.

i can't belive you are running a dicta :S they normaly dont last 3 days.


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i can't belive you are running a dicta

Me 'n' "Blackie" rule :P She needs to be retired though. Making a sound like a load of loose chain and a bag of spanners on a spin cycle in a washing machine*.

Yeah, thanks for the tips. I'm thinking of going for the Eno just 'cos it should (theoretically) last longer than the Claw. Knowing my luck I'll shit it up in a few hours, but there we go :S

*a.k.a. not good...

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Lol, Blackie.

One more point about the ENO is that you dont need to keep it tight, like the ACS, as the middle is held in by something else. The lockring is just to keep the much and grime out, and thats it.


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I run a eno, Firstly i put my KMC kool chain on the wrong way which didnt seem to make a differnce with my ACS but apparently it does with an eno so i got it put the right way and it hasnt skiped when doing actual trials since :(

Im pritty happy with it

The new zoo cranks look really nice, im sure someone said u can ge them from somewhere now, im not sure how long they are though, ill go try find the topic about them :-


Edit: here 2 small topics about them, none with the size of them though. Im pritty sure last time i cheaked www.zoo.com they said they were only making 175mm ones




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I'm the only person that I know who runs a front freewheel on a stock- and one of only a few on here.

I bought my trials eno from "jimbo" for £65ish and have had it for over a year. NO problems with it (never skips), and i have taken in apart only twice-once was to grind the tabs off so give me more clearance against my BB (and the freewheel still works!)

I'd really recommend them to anyone- the price may sound steep but the quality and durability are first rate.


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