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Giant Teamy Trials


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heres my beast....

i would put it in the bike pics gallery, but i felt that

a ) nobody looks in there

b ) i wont hear people's opinion

c ) nobody else does!

so anyway....



What do you all think??

bit different since i last showed it, just resprayed and re-decalled the forks and frame. Nice matching wheels now, king on the back too!

heres the spec roughly

giant team trials 02 (#448)

80mm bombers i think roughly 1999/00 with new 04 stickers.

middleburn rs 8 cranks, filthy ard guard

shimano tiagra cassette, deralier, sachs chain

Rear DX brake, plaz pads, front maggie

rear king, 36mm? drilled try all rim,

front echo disc hub, 28mm drilled rim, both with YELLOW rim tape...

raceface bar /stem

WTB xc headset

any critisism welcome....

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cheers for the comment chaps.

About the suspension thing, inititally i kepty swapping from these to rigids, and back again, and again, and agian, untill eventually i got fed up with moving the maggura, i just rode so much with the suspension i grew to love it. i have found.....

Front bumps = easier, the forks take the impact of a hard bump, yet you still get sprung up there!

Bunny hops / manuals = easier to get the front end up, and it also means, speedy streety landings can be back wheel first and not hurt!

In the end, i have not noticed any lack in performance, (i.e. hieght i can back wheel), i can still do everything i could, and more!

I'm now starting to ride ramp more, and am thinking of a higher gear for better streetness.

sorry about the essay..... but i'd highly recommend people try suspension for trials (for longer than 2mins, because it does take a few hours worth to get used to!!)


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