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Isis Bb's

Michael Hardman

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It cam to me in a dream (actually just as I woke up). You hear a lot of complaints regarding the life of the bearings in ISIS BB's. Well I had asimple way of fixing this problem but it requires a new industry sandard.

Basically BB shell should be made bigger, the size of BMX BB but with threads in. This would allow for bigger brearings and would possibly increase the life of BB's.

Anyone agree with me, or not, critisie a way (not may spelling I know its bad)

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Lol, you and your dreams. I remember a while ago on the Mbuk forum you had an idea/dream about making ratchets in hubs bigger with a larger free hub or something.

It could be done but it might not be too trials friendly. Look at euro bb's on bmx, they seem to get on ok with them but really its just an isis bb which trials would kill.

In theory with a nice light alloy axle/cups it could probably save weight over a standard bb and would be just as strong/stronger. Would require a lot of companies to take it on though. Frame choice would be limited etc.

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