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Yes, Another New Bike

fairy elephants

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Frame: Leeson Clear 660 (10mm longer than standard)

Forks: Leeson 26"

Bars: Race Face Diablous

Stem: Race Face prodigy

Headset: Cain Creek S2

Front Brake: Avid SD7 with Shimano XTR lever

Rear Brake: Magura HS33

Front Wheel: American classic 140 disk hub on Mavic XM719

Rear Wheel: Chris King Classic on Mavic EX721

Front Tire: Michelin Hot-S 2.1

Rear Tire: Maxxis Minnion 2.35 super tacky

Cranks: Truvativ Hussefelts

BB: Truvativ ISIS

Tensioner: locked out Shimano Sora

Pedals: Onza Shin Dig

Think thats all... hope you like it :ermm:

Comments please :ermm:

Cheers, Alex

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yeah it is sweet.  the cranks look a bit big and bulky compared to the rest of the bike which has got really clean lines, maybe consider a set of silver burns as the next upgrade? otherwise it is sweet as...

more importantly though, how does it ride???

I think the final up-grade will be silver burns with a black bash... but thats after a new car :ermm:

It rides very nice, ive only had a couple of hours on it, so not fully used to it, but so far its just lovely :ermm:

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Yes Alex I will be nicking it at the next comp :- Looks nice but as I said BURNS and I'd still go for black arms black bash, el Sharnio stylie. But pimped out bike!


James :ermm:

Black arms would get scratched to buggery they way i ride, so it'l be silver arms, black bash i expect :ermm:

Thanks for all the positive comments... any negative?? other than the cranks i mean... (Y)"

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loving it, i was gonna go dark green on my bike so i'm glad someone did it eventually...

i agree on black burns though, i understand why you would want to avoid obvious scratches but silver will stand out too much and look odd, imo :ermm:

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whats wrong with the cranks seriously there fine and stiff :P

colours fine and nice we were experimenting between both the leesons tonight mine and his!

his is 100% nicer than mine  :">

Hehe, sorry for taking it back out your garage rich :P

Thanks for the bleed aswell :) with a nicer brake, i should be catching up with you in no-time :)" :P

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