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Angle Grinders

Mark W

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'lo all,

Long live my grind, my grind is dead.

The grinds on both my front and rear rims have both worn ultra smooth, so the brake's not so hot at the moment. I don't know anyone around here with an angle grinder, so I'm thinking of buying one. Because it'd only be for grinding my rims though, I don't wanna have to spend loads. Basically, does anyone know how much to expect to pay for an angle grinder? If I go for a 'cheap' one, am I likely to end up with a grinding disc embedded in my wall and a broken angle grinder in my hand?

Thanks for any help,


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I find the stone grinding disk's are the best :P

I know you say it will only be for your rims, as I said this, but an angle grinder can come in SO useful for other things, perhaps bodge's, making something, cutting a seattube/steerer down......you never know, so you may wanna spend a little extra on one, and definately some decent disk's.

But yeah, if you definately arn't gonna use it for anything but your rims, then get a cheap jobby, they're still safe.

But new disk's is a deffo, the disk's that come with most grinders and shit.

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