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Interesting Idea

Will Arnold

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i was thinking would cotton wool in glue make it less prone to breaking when set?

i was watching a composite programme in college and there was this sheet of ice, they hit it with a hammer, it broke (obviously)

they then got out a piece of ice with cotton wool inside it, it took about 4 times the amount of stress that the normal ice took before it broke.

thats where i got the idea for putting it in glue.

it works the same way that carbon fibre works.

would this work? if not, why?

cheers :ermm:


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Putting cotton wool in the glue to glue your lockring on won't have much effect.  The lockring only holds the sprocket in place, does not take any huge forces to warrant cotton wool.  Just glue it.

nah, the lockring is tatally buggered :P

im not gunna try it for the lockring.

i have glued the cog to the freehub body with araldite.

it works!! :P :P

i hope it holds up to some gaps and ups tommorow :P

im gunna go glue something together with cotton wool in the mix :P


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