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Spalding Street Trials


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Nice Effort Sam :)

I see you've taken some idea's from Craigs site.. looks quite good, I imagine it would be a killer to load if you on 56k like Mark (looser) it takes a little bit to fresh up on 750k.

But over all alot better than before :P

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It takes so long becuase it's just slices in PS and then put together through imageready and dreamweaver, or such programs. Stuff like that takes AGES to loads because everything is an image, it's loading images over and over which takes yonks, you're best just doing a good background and then putting text onto it through html or putting a frame in.

That's my suggestion anyway.

I used a frame for www.freewebs.com/mod661 and yes it has shit freewebs hosting, was designed by Jon Mac K and I did some work with it also.



(ps love your design, wouldn't mind having a chat with you on msn about it...)

mod661@hotmail.com on msn.

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