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I Need Some Coursework Help :(


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right i need to know if i can calculate spearmans rank easily on excel

if soo can someone give me a little guidance on to how?

i know there is a rank function and if someone taught me how to use that it would be great help as well

thanks alots :ermm:

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Its took ages, but if you know how to use excel well, you can do it, with very little effort.

I can remember you have to arrange them into rank order and then number them, i have 50 amounts of data, and did it all on excel in about 10 mins.

(Got an A)

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Mmmm, statistics coursework... :D

I remember doing that, I'll do the forumla for you in excel tomorrow and I can send the file over msn if you want?

Too late now and I have family lunch tomorrow (again :D ), so let me know if it's too late for you...


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