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Making My Brake Better.


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Umm, if my memory serves me well you might wanna clean that rear rim with something like Fairy liquid now, as the White Spirit whilst taking the tar off adds a very thin layer of oil (or something) which screws the brake up.

Methylated (sp) spirits are the best way I think :D

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get your rim chromed ? i went on steves 24in leeson the other day with his crome rim and red pads and the brakeing power was amazing i could not belive how much stopping power it had. but the down side steve was telling me about was that when you get the slightest bit of wetness on it it totally dosent work he was saying he was holding the brake down with 2 fingers and it felt like there was no brake touching


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Magura or Vee???

If Magura, go with Bennifer's option, but if it's a Vee brake, just always have your rim clean, and your pads fresh and sanded and they work brillo without grind or tar. Fibrax black CARTRIDGE pads work well, not there solid ones, and Plazmatic's work well aswell...

How well do Magura spanish flies work on a smooth rim?? Similar to the Vee version?

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How on earth could white spirit leave oil on the rim? It's alcohol based so will evaporate pretty quickly and clean your rim a gud'un. I always used to clean my rims with white spirit, no worries.

If white spirit has oil in it, put it on your chain and see how long it lasts without rusting (Y)

I'd say a grind with black or red pads. No squeak, just a "swoosh" noise, and decent lock too.


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Basically there is no "decent" brake thats silent, if there was, i think 90 % of trials riders would use it, as i no the noise gets on my nerves too but i just put up with it.

all these surjestions of black pads on grinds, and black pads on ceramic rims, is weird, because they dont work at all!

the only way you would get a good'ish silent brake on the back would be to get a disc (Y)

howver, an avid v-brake with avid rim wranglers2 on a clean rim are reasanble, but again you have no chance of stopping in the wet.

althogh saying all this, lloyd watts, has some tart pads on his 521 and they are silent, not the best brake in the world but it holds (Y)

Dave :)

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