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New Uk Delegate

BikeTrial Federation

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There seems to be a bit of confusion here, so I'll try to explain.

The BIU is the BikeTrial International Union, with it's head office in Japan.

The BIU make the rules for BikeTrial competitions, which are used world-wide - all clubs in the UK run according to BIU rules. They are also responsibile for co-ordinating the World Championship events.

Each country participating in trials has a delegate on the BIU.

Every rider competing in British Championships, and in World Championships must have a BIU Licence.

Martin will be the person responsible for UK riders' interests at world level, and also for ensuring BIU rules and decisions are carried out in the UK. He will be responsible for completing the British team's entries in world championships.

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Ok i get you...

So hes looking after all the BIU comps in the UK? So he will look after the british champs? Will he also look after thinks as ymsa or just the British?

Scotty  (Y)

... no!

He has nothing to do with British Champs except make sure we run to BIU rules.

He has nothing whatsoever to do with YMSA.

He is Britain's "mouth" on the BikeTrial International Committee and looks after our riders' interests at world events.

He puts in the entries for the British Team for the World Championships.

Hope that's clearer!

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Hawzee is boss at all times!

Many thanks to martin for doing it, as most of the people going to the worlds will know it probably wouldnt go ahead without a person doing the job.

Thanks to martin it will all be fine and dandy (Top Bloke!)................


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