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My Discy-poos


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Hey lads, i've tried the search, but couldn't find what i wanted really.

Anyway, earlier today, i thought woop, lets clean the bike, so off i went with my trusty fairly liquid etc etc.

Now, i didn't think that putting fairy liquid on my avid rotor would really cause any problems, but as soon as i tried the brake, it was poo! and stayed that way.

So i whacked the pads out, and they looked a bit glazed (not that i know what that looks like, they were kinda shiny?) so i sanded them down. I remembered reading on here, that if you did that you'd have to bed them in again, so i put some muddy water on there, but still after a while, it doesn't have any bite!! and sort of makes a vibratey noise, but not high pitched at all.

Would fairly liquid screw it? Or has anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?

Oh yeah, and is there anyway to get a tiny little bend out of my rotor? I think someone sabotaged it, as i've never hit it! It makes a really annoying tingy noise.


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To get all the crap off your pad's you will need to burn them, get a pair of pliar's amd hold the pad's over your mummy's hob for about 7 minute's, this should do the job but if not then try it again.

About the rotor, you should be able to get the bend out by heating the metal and then stick it in a vice for a while.

Have a go and post back :P

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Well the burning seems to have worked quite well, do i have to bed the pads in again? They seemed to work good straight off. :P

But i didnt realise red hot pads make big burn marks on worktops and make very bad smells, woops. :P"

How hot does the rotor have to get before the pads get fookered?

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