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  1. That meta 6 looks properly sorted. The horse is finally all built up, just needs a new shifter as the sram rocket has managed to break in the time between being taken off the old bike and onto the new one
  2. The EQ27s do looks good and I know Tic has given his some real punishment. Another alternative would be an EX721 or XM719 both of which I've used and given loads of abuse over the past few years. On the hub front, I'd always say go hope, but I got a superstar switch evo recently and have been very impressed by the quality and they're quite a bit cheaper too.
  3. Haha, just need to swap the hoses over now as I had to get them in continental setup while the extra 10% was on CRC. Have got the rear wheel and cranks/chain device/pedals on now.
  4. Got a new bike being built at the moment to replace my 4x/jumping hardtail, due to bad ankles I'm swapping onto a full sus. Got the frame 2nd hand and building it up with mostly bits off the old hardtail. Will hopefully be all built up by the end of the week, will be a nice shorter travel trail bike for when the supreme is a little too OTT, also I'm going to be racing DH on the supreme a lot this summer so will have boxxers on it most of the time. They new house only being 15 mins from chicksands I think they'll both see plenty of use this next year
  5. Do everything myself personally. I'm trying to buy all the tools I need as and when they are required. Between a few close mates we have pretty much everything covered bar servicing of nitrogen charge rear shocks. I do most of the wheels though as I was lucky enough to be taught by the tart himself I can't believe the number of shops that will build wheels then take them back after a few rides to be tightened/trued, purely comes down to not stressing them when you build em. I've never had to do that to any of mine so long as I use the stand on the spoke crossing method of stressing them.
  6. Looks like you've got it sorted out nicely The head angle looks quite steep even though I know it isn't, I guess there's something about the lines etc f the other tubes and shock that are deceiving. So long as it rides like and beast, and by the sounds of it, it does, then that's what's important! When are we racing?
  7. outer mongolia
  8. Cheers for the comments Really don't know how much it has cost in total, as I had the stock version of this, a Scott High Octane and a Giant VT that had the best bits cherry picked and put on this, then the rest sold. I can't say I've noticed any flex at all, but I haven't had it on a full on DH track yet. The HD axle and funbolts is much stronger and more resistant to flex than a standard QR hub, bit not quite as strong as a full on proper bolt through.
  9. Well I think my supreme is finally finished! Started life as a standard 2009 Supreme 2, but has had most bits changed by now! Has dropped from an original weight of ~42lb down to a more all mountain friendly ~36lb but still maintaining a strong spec that can handle plenty of abuse. This has replaced both my DH and XC bikes and I'm absolutely loving it so far. Spec: Frame: 2009 Supreme 2 Shock: Marzocchi Roco R Forks: 2008 Fox 36 Float R Wheels: Chris King ISO Hubs (20mm front, HD axle rear) with EX721 rims using DT Double Butted Spokes Cranks: Middleburn RS7 Chainring: E.thirteen Guidering 32t Chainguide: E.thirteen LG1+ Casette: Shimano XT Rear Mech & Shifter: Shimano SLX Brakes: Avid Code 5 (203 front 185 rear) Tyres: Maxxis Minion Single Ply 2.35 (swapped for high roller dual plys for DH only use) Bars: Easton EA70 Stem: Gap 50mm Seatpost: Thomson Elite Saddle: SDG Bel Air RL Pics:
  10. I most certainly do, I'm using am HD axled king in it so they are of no use to me! PM me and we can sort it out. Just took a new pic of my hardtail just before I fitted the new bar and stem (Answer protaper carbon and atomlab pimplite). New bar and stem are less than half the weight of the old ones! (Race Face Diablos and easton vice)
  11. They ride really well for quite a heavy bike (in stock build). If you're using it for a bit of everything like I am then shed the tyres straight away for something lighter, I've got some single ply minions on there (which i ran on my previous xc bike for 18 months with only 1 flat and normal tubes). It's completely transformed my cornering, the previous giant VT i rode had a fairly high bb compared to the commy (once sag is taken care of).
  12. I'm currently not able to ride so getting frustrated as I just bought this about 2 months before killing my shoulder again. Still haven't got the cranks and chainguide i have on there (middleburn cranks, e.thirteen LG1+ guide). This is my jump/4X bike And the Scott that I sold to buy the commy, saw two trips to the alps and a couple of urban DH events too, was just not getting used enough to justify keeping that and an xc bike. A couple of pics and vids of the commy in action with Ticcy and Chris at Swinley are in the link below. http://www.andrewhill101.co.uk/pics/bikepi...g/swinley%2009/
  13. Give microsoft synctoy a look, it's free from the MS site and seems to do a reasonable job of backups. I doubt you can schedule it to do it when you turn the pc off but you can setup multiple folder pairings, then click one button to do all the backups. I'm using it once a week to back all my stuff up onto an external drive and it seems to do the trick.
  14. Was an awesome first ride in 3 years! Massive thanks to Sue, Charlie and Sam getting it all organised and putting on food etc. The new t-shirts are awesome too. Was really nice to catch up with so many people, I've missed the social side of the trials scene most as it's just so nice and chilled out, legendary giraffing from Mr Fisher too. Managed a fair amount of riding with my lovely quick slip pedals making everything sketchy Was actually surprised I could still ride a bit too Thanks again to the Jones' for all the rides you've put on and the great days they've all been. Also the garden is looking fantastic, it's looking really well established now and I'm glad to hear the current students use it and appreciate it.
  15. .5. Sam Jones 1. Lucy Ravenhall 2. Max Hunt 3. Ryan Iley 4. Joe Bayliss 5. Tom Mundy 6. Glen Robinson 7. Jon Granger 8. Mowgli the Mexican 9. Stuart Powney 10. Rich Pearson 11. Tristan Packham 12. Nathan Roach 13. Krisboats 14. Tom Booth 15. Nick Vaughan 16. Ed Emuss 17. Ryan Granaski 18. Rob Cook 19. Ashley Wood 20. Dave Anscombe 21. David Biddle 22. Katie Pilgrim 23. Danny Kearns 24. john shrewsbury 25. sam ward 26. Grant Hundley 27. Jack Chinnnnnnery 28. Andrew Walker 29. Steve Rogers 30. Dave Harding <<<< IM RIDING!!!! biggrin.gif:D 31. Joe Rothwell 32. Chris Page (possibly) 33. Connor Powell 34. Nicholas Manning 35. Matt Purdon (or Skoze as i'm better known) 36. Matt Bird 37. Chris Abbey 38. Harry Cox 39. Ben Cox (not related to harry) 40. LabRat (kieran whitefield) 41.Adam Griffin 42. Dan O'Shea 43. Rich Jones 44. Craig Szczypek 45. Josh Joyce. 46. Nidaa Qureshi 47. Linds Thompson. 48. Dan Thornton 49. Darren McAllister 50. Ben John-Hynes<<<< If work can allow it! 51. Jack Chinnery 52. Sam Wheeler 53. Steve Atterbury 54. Emma Troth 55. Jason Dilworth (assuming the car is working...) 56. Hannah Shucksmith. 57. Savio Ku! 58. Stuart Thomas (will be there if I can get my bike sorted out) 59. Andy Hill It's probably going to be my first ride in about 3 years so I'll be rubbish! New Tees look good.