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Dreamweaver Help Required...


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ok, in the image below, which i have made in Pshop, then put into dreamweaver..... i want each number to link to a different page etc etc

thought it would be easy, but i want the page to appear where i have dranw that black box. So as if, what you see here stays the same, with the box's content changing every link i make.

i have already sliced the bits up in photoshop, and i know how to make a hyperlink, but whenever i preview my site, each hyperlink opens a new page. HOW DO I MAKE IT APPEAR IN THE BOX!??? :P

heres my work so far......(in preview mode)


thanks in advance chaps and chapesses!


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Either make 6 pages which all look like the one you posted, but each having different content, or you need to make an iframe where you want the content to be displayed. Google will expand on that, search for iframe html or something on google :P

As for the opening in new pages problem, go into the HTML of the link, and change the target="XXX" to target="self" (or delete the target bit alltogether) :P

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