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Worthing Anybody?

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hey guys.

ive pinched lee's account for this (hope you don't mind mate) but if anyone fancy's it i'm gonna be outside worthing train station at 10am if anyone would like to join me, then ur most welcome.

hav'nt been riding for ages, due to lots of uni work and more recently an ankle injury, so i've been really looking forward to riding, and the more of you guy's that come, the better it will be!!!!!

thought we could work our way through town, throught the usuall spots, and upto the beach where the council (bless em) have left a load of new rocks lyin' about. plus ive seen a few new streety lines i hav'nt spotted before.

hope you all can make it.


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Geez, you scared me then Baz.

I didnt remeber posting this, but hey, its all good.

I will come out and ride.

Was thinkg about london that day, but there are too many people going there now, so ill stay home for a nice relaxing ride (Y)

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trialsmad, would make it saturday (and yes i know it does clash with the london ride), just its the only day this week i can get out and ride for a full day, and i dont have the cash for london, so sorry it'll have to be sunday. plus im sure there will be another ride down 'ere sooner or later, just come to that.

just spoke to dez, hes up for it to. hes been out for ages like me, so im sure there'll be some comedy stacks if nothing else!

oh and lee sorry for making you think you had amnesia!

see you all there, i hope.


edit; sorry for being so formal brendan, but didnt realise that was you! and besides you said you were availble sunday? thats half the reason i made it sunday. well all i can say if you do go to london, then i'll miss you. laters.

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hey guys,

thanks for all the interest and hope to see you all outside worthing station at 10am!

si, hope you bring ur camera.

oh and no excuses...........

worthing weather sun 10th

well not overly warm but not raining  (N) .

see you all tomorrow,


Sorry Baz, but im going to london >_<

I'm out in worthing most weekends though, so if you do ever wan't to ride. Also why i'm going to london, need a change of scenery. Have fun though dudes, Worthing really is an awesome place to ride.

They've also got rid of teville gate by the way if you didn't know. (Y)

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Me, Oli, Dave and my brother are coming along not sure what time we're getting there i think ill aim for 10, oli and dave wil be along later.

My brother isnt gonna ride he's coming on my BMX and taking his awesome video camera.

See you there


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