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For All You After A Bmx


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koxx xtp bmx

I saw this at the bikeshow and thought I'd have another look!!

Sorry but koxx have really made a ugly bmx....

The idea of making bmxs as well is a good idea, but they really are ugly.

What do you think?

Marc  :angry:

Some racing bmx's are ygly though. That is for bmx racing isn't it? :angry:



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i think it has potential, really dont like the forks though. for racing i reckon it would be great to ride; stiff, light, relatively strong.

afterall its not for street so...

i think they have done a pretty good job :) there other bmx's are fairly average, but then again i know nothing about bmx.


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I know next to nothing about BMXs, but this is trials forum, so I think that should be excused!

All good BMXs look bodged and ghetto, and that's shiny so it must suck! :)

But it is definitely very ugly indeed.

But I don't think companies should just stick with what they know. If the original trials riders had stuck with what they knew and their motorised bikes, we wouldn't be here now! And a lot of other companies wouldn't be producing either. I'm all in favour of something new... just not this. :angry:

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hmm....looks ugly :) , as usual as most bmx's are ugly anyway.

bmx's has nowhere to do in terms of designs, they are better just stick with the standard 'bmx' designs...

they are look fantastically gorgeous compared to the monty bmx's. :)

I think BMX does have places to go in terms of design, Matt Berringers bike has those crazy elevated/kinked chainstays and some flatland bikes have inline bar, stem and front hubs! I don't know much about bmx really, but its best not to rest of your laurels.

Imagine if trials had done that, there would be no 24"ers or no long ass bikes :) it would be crazy


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