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26"black Mambas (zoo Python Copies 4 Sale)

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well u know now ye chill there 26" matter resolved :)


Well, you know now. They are the 26" model, sorry for the mix up.

Who is going to trust someone (you) with £200 of their hard earned cash, you don't come across to me as a reliable guy. Firstly you don't put any effort into your posts, why would you put effort into sending off a frame? Secondly to prove you don't put effort into spelling and punctuation, your 'location' is 'NOTH WALES'.

And just to clear up this whole mess, from what i gather, this person is making a piss poor effort to sell 26" Black Mumba Pitbull Copy Frames for £200 (not sure on postage, he can't be bothered to tell us)

Also, looking back on your initial post, this looks very dodgy as you are selling them for a 'mate', i doubt it. Why can't he sign up to TF? It's free!

Personally i'd steer clear. Stick to what you know, buy from Dan Ko :S

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Well, time for this to be closed then.

This is the second thread Dan's tried doing; the first being done by Brendan, which was "unapproved" (so it's still around, but only mods/admin can see it). It's against the rules, so f**k it, basically.

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