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A Funny Joke I Heard Today


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The Pope is at the Airport, and His driver is loading the Limo with all his bags.

Once the Driver has finished, he finds the Pope Standing at the Kurb, looking Down.

Driver - "Whats wrong your eminence?"

Pope - "Well, at the Vattican, they never let me drive, so I wanted to have a go now"

Driver - " Sorry your holyness, I cant do that, I would loose My job"

So after some deliberation, the driver gives in and lets the pope drive.

He soon regrets this as the Pope nails it, and accelerates up to 105mph exiting the Airport.

Driver - " Please Sir, slow down"

All of a sudden a police car flys up behind them, sirrens going.

Driver - "ah crap im going to get my ass kicked for this.

The Pope Pulls over, and winds the window down.

The Police man walks over to the car, and takes one look in the inwdow, and alks back to his police car.

He calls the station for help

Cop - " Get me the commisioner"

"Sir I have a problem, ive just pulled someone over"

Comisioner - "Then arrest them"

Cop - "buts its someone important"

Comisioner - "all the better, bring em in"

Cop - "but they are extreemly important"

Comisioner - "who have you got? the Mayor?"

Cop - "no more important"

Comisioner - "the Prince of Wales?"

Cop - "No Higher"

Comisioner - "well tell me, who have you pulled over"

Cop - "I think its god!!!!"

Comisioner - "what do you mean God"


Cop - "it must be god, he has the Pope as a driver........."

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