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First Car Time


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It is time for me to purchase my new car! I have around 1500 to spend, although i have no idea what to buy.

I would like a fairly small car, ie. Clio, Saxo.

Have you guys got any idea what i could buy?

Also how much is insuarnce roughly gonna be? Say a 1.2l engine ?

Is Ebay ouf the question, when purchasing a car?



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Try and spend 300 to 400 on the actual car, and use the rest for insurance. Insurance is a killer, i was quoted 1400 for a 1.0 rover metro.

Also, try not to get a car that is usually associated with boy racers.

And no, eBay isn't out of the question, just go with a seller with good feedback.

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It is definatly good advice to see the car before you buy it! As some are total sheds! Bought one off this guy who has like 1000 positive feed backs. The car didnt even drive, yet in the sales advert it said perfectly working no this no that, and he will have a full service done on it etc.

This was well worth the money when we bought cars on ebay:


Were very close to purchasing an insurance right off, it was 2 cars put together basically, and this website told us.

Think it costs around £40.00

Definatly helps if you cannot visit the car before end of sale.

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Look at a Fiat Cinquecento Google images They are small, come in a 0.9 L and a 1.1 L engine. Insurance is very low. If you dont want to go any where fast go for the 0.9 version but if you want a little more fun go for the 1.1 Sporting version. On ebay these cars sell for about £400- £600, depending on age. Sure is a fiat and may not be a car of VW build but for a first car its not bad.

I love mine, especially because it cheap and extremly cheap to run when driven sensibly.

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This was well worth the money when we bought cars on ebay:


And you might be lucky enough to chat to me on the phone :-

I suggest looking at Pug 106's... I miss mine! It was like a go-kart (Y)

I would type more but its tooo early and I have to be in that dam HPI call centre for 9am :sleeping:

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just to give you some idea,

i have a 1.2 clio on an L plate (1994). Its a small girly car, that can barley climb over the moors.

The car itself was £600 (a bit overpriced but i knew its full history) annnyway, my insurance was £1400.

And there was NO WAY of getting any cheaper unless i had a sex change.

So basically, keep you first car small, and cheap don't go for any more than a 1.4 (cos even thats gonna be a stretch).

and on your budget, the cheaper the better. I would say try and spend less than £700 on the car itself (depending on condition),

also, choose a few cars you like, and get practise quotes on them, before you buy.

becasue for example, a 1.2 Micra is probably less to insure than a 1.2 clio, and a 1.4 Fiesta might be more again.

So summary:

Select a few cars that fit the bill (Fiesta, Micra, Clio, Saxo, Corsa)

Shop around for practise quotes (expect to be betweeen £1000 - £2000) I recommend Tesco and Direct Line as they were cheapest for me.

Decide on a price range and get shopping (Autotrader, local garages, ebay etc)

Once you find a decent car, go check it out (all the usual stuff on an old car - Brakes, does it start? oil leaks, does it have an fairly long MOT, rust)

Shop around is the main tip, for both car and insurance. You might find a car you think is great, but you might also be blinded by the excitment of owning your first car, so take a few deep breaths and try and find something a bit better. :P

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