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Chris Cook

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Don't get it tapped. Seriously. Don't.

It shouldn't cost much to helicoil. Google "Helicoil kits" and check out the M5x24tpi (I think, something like that - it'll come up with something fairly similar, or someone will correct me here...) helicoils. £20 at most, I seem to remember.

Just talk to your local engineering type people, or a car garage, bikeshop - whereever. Shouldn't be too much (Y)

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No problem.

Before anyone asks "Why not tap to M6?", just think - you'll have to drill out your Magura clamps, your booster, and your spacers and then have to get the new size bolts anyway. It's a load of hassle, and means you can't really sell your old boosters/clamps/spacers on 'cos they'll not be of any use to anyone, really. Not to mention, if you strip the M6, you're up to M7 then. Not so good ;) Helicoils are just stronger by far.

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