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  1. Building up your tools/equipment is the best feeling.
  2. God knows, last time british gas did something like this to me it cost me about £800 that they just kept and forgot about. I've still got the email I sent with the dates on etc but its wether or not BG are fair about it when this is all over and I can actually talk to someone. It's scary times, lots of jobs seem to be on the block. Hope it plays out well for you Mike, keep us upto date dude.
  3. 5k Rpm clutch dump and keep it above 4k for the whole 5 minute drive
  4. That sucks Mike, sorry to hear that. When I left my last business premesis in October I took and emailed meter readings to british gas as requested by british gas, aswell as changing the bill payer to the landlord. I've been contacted today by a debt recovery agency for the last 8 months electricity supply and usage as british gas appear to have to done anything and the new tenants just ridden on free energy... British gas arent answering taking my call as it's not an emergency, nor am I a key worker and the debt recovery agency are just following up on the case, they are actually quite understanding but still gotta do there job. Looks like I'm about to be £1300 lighter ..
  5. Rightly or wrongly I've gone for a pair of m7120, 203 rotor up front and 180 back. I'll report back in a few weeks after I've given them a good bed in and a few rides. Hoping it's fairly fit and forget after the initial setup and bleed but time will tell! They seem to sell like hot cakes considering CRC seem to sell out regularly, but theres not many reviews or feedback about them!?
  6. I've had SLX's on the Orange since it came from the factory and I've been impressed by them but never really amazed, always just done an OK job really. The last 2 years or so theyve really started to need maintenance alot more frequently, and after yesterdays ride the front has lost power completely. I'm assuming a seal has gone in the caliper and its contaminated the pads/rotor. So, in the market for a new setup but I'm really unsure what to go for, budget isn't really a decider as I'd rather spend the money on a serviceable item that will last rather then something more throw away in a few years time. I'd like something powerful, I'm a big dude, so need a fair bit of stopping power. 203/180 F/R is a likelyhood. Instinct says Hope of some kind but reading the reviews on the newer stuff doesnt seem so good, Magura MT7's seem a good competitor but seem to struggle with reliability issues and after that I've not bought MBUK for a long time so not sure what the other options are really.. Just interested what everyone else is rating, or if you have any other opinions on the Hope's or Magura stuff really. Edit - just spotted the revised SLX m7120 4pots, anyone had any dealings with those? Seem good for the price, just interested in the longevity of them.
  7. Can't see why not, unlimited exercise was how Bojo put it. Other sports like golf, fishing and surfing are back on the cards and I can't imagine 99% of people have the ability to do that within walking distance. I followed a pickup with 2 DH bikes hanging out the back about a week ago so even in the height of lockdown seems people were travelling for rides. I'd be careful travelling too far, but certainly 20-30 mile radius would be pretty realistic.
  8. I find it pretty strange too that the majority of self employed will be trades and construction who are yet to receive any help from the state, yet they're the first to be urged back to work? I'm not looking forward to tax bills in the future, this will all have to be paid back somehow.. Worst outcome for my business was realised yesterday an all my 2020 trade shows have been cancelled, rightly so, health comes before anything, but after investing so heavily into the business for a few years and hoping for big returns this year it's pretty gutting.
  9. Second spike around mid august then guys? These altered guidelines seem to out even more emphasis on the public and less responsibility with the government. I don't see how they can relax the rules but up the punishment. Considering how the public acted when the lockdown was in 'full force' it will just be a free for all in a weeks time, especially when Boris pushed hard on spending time in the park, in the sun!
  10. Legends, thanks guys. Unfortunatley the current situation has put a halt to it really, it's been weird recently though as they've had features in the nottingham post, smaller local papers and all the way upto national papers which bas been awesome. Get the odd influx of donations each time too! Thanks again to anyone that's donated on here, do love this place!
  11. I saw someone using cancer as a point to base an argument round the other day, as in more people die from cancer campored to Covid so why arent we in lockdown to save us from cancer? The virus is properly scary, but the mentality of some people is even worse. I'm friends with alot of Americans on facebook with my work and 75% of them are just f**king idiots towards it.
  12. Worst part about it is they did pretty much the same thing about 3 years ago but with less damage, I called the dad out next time I saw him and he just told me the floater ball they were playing with couldn't have done that. Pretty obvious it did, given the texture from the football was printed into the dirt on the van. Just think people see it as a van so let's treat it as such.
  13. Doubtfully, I've been to work this morning and popped it out pretty nicely. I wasn't so mad that they dented the van, just more mad that they did it and pissed off without saying anything. Scroats
  14. Buys new van, kids next door stove a football into the rear doors and cave it in... f**k kids and there inability to realise other peoples stuff costs money and f**k parents that are f**king dicks.
  15. My folks were supposed to be on the NC500 now in they're motorhome as my dads retirement celebration, needless to say it's on hold