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  1. I totally agree buddy, as I say your not in the wrong with it. I was exactly the same and stood my ground over £480 as its not right, I was told the same thing that once the issue is resolved I would be in credit the energy I hadn't used. Needless to say its biting me in the arse now I'm looking to move house and the last time I wanted a new phone contract.
  2. I understand feeling like that and top and bottom of it all is your right and they are wrong, but keep an eye on it and bail out before it gets to far, £100 is alot of money, but it's not alot of money in the bigger picture.
  3. Just pay it and try and get it back, if they're anything like the business team side they won't listen. I was landed with a huge electric bill at my workshop because my meter started reading in KW per quart (15 minutes) rather then KW per hour, but kept the hourly rate. I disputed it when the invoice arrived and tried to get it resolved but I couldn't get anywhere with them, it eventually came to them using a collection agency to reclaim the money and me having no other option but to pay aswell as the possible black mark next to my credit score. the worst part is its not right, your left with no leg to stand on but to pay, and for the sake of £100 I'd clear your slate and try and get it back later then the grief it may bring. Robbing bastards.
  4. I've been in business 5 years, I feel it's taken a 20 year toll.
  5. Weathers beautiful so half day and had a good 20 mile hack on the bike! Missed the freedom of work being abit quieter!
  6. Rebated joints are just dead simple but when done in ply look so cool!
  7. Latest cabinet build from me, doesn't look like much but a fair bit of machine work went into it!
  8. Tell that to 2019 April Tom please. According to my accountant it's £999.99, anything after that is half of next year upfront.
  9. Just be ready for the accountant to say "Yeah because your tax amount is over this much you need to pay half of what they're forecasting for next year too". F'kin snakes.
  10. I don't necessarily use an accountant to milk the expenses, it's more security knowing that what I've input tallies up to make something logical. I see it as £120 for a properly educated second opinion every 12 months. I guess it's covering my back as from the outside my books would look rediculous, some months I've spent what I've earnt in 12 months in a matter of weeks, but then 2 months later that's back with profit rather then a steady income that looks more legit I guess. Your on the same page as me with the book work though, make it as simple as possible! I have a4 sheet quartered into costs/items purchased to sell, expenses, sales and then a totals. Keep it simple and it's no real hardship to do.
  11. Your tax figure could be all over the shop given it's alongside usual employment too, mine was for abit when I was on the books for my dad's business. Originally they split my £11.8k allowance over both jobs, so anything after £5.9k in both businesses was taxable, it kinda worked out the same but given I was paying weekly tax on one job, then annually on the other was where it got messed up, I got a hefty rebate though the following year so wasn't the end of the world. The best thing I ever did was using an accountant for submitting my books. I'm fully self employed now and have been for the last 6 years. I'd imagine your books would be pretty simple really dude, mine are hardly vast and they're pretty straight forward (rent, electricity, purchases and sales) then I just use an accountant to submit them once a year. I think he charges me £100+ vat to submit them once a year but I know using him means I'm on the right track.
  12. Definitely ring them dude, they're super helpful and actually quite common sense and lenient. Either explain the situation an they might give you a grace period or organise your number over the phone. Are you self employed but still employed? By that I mean do you still have a 9-5 an your self employment is for your photography.
  13. Merry Christmas other 4!
  14. Ever needed that 800*c feature Ads?
  15. My Tim gauge in the Fairlane matches the temp via an infra red gun, no complaints really for 30 quid or whatever it was.