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  1. Not strictly true, we've had a house sale fall through because the buyers discovered I was self employed and thought it would be risky to enter into the deal with me, despite having a fair sized deposit and mortgage in principle. They accepted our offer then slow timed to see if they got anything better, as far as I'm concerned, not sure where they found out my employment status though..
  2. Subterranean shagpad
  3. F'kin snowflake. Humping hide.
  4. God, supercycles. What a shop. I bought my first T-Raptor from there, most exciting day ever!
  5. "Just give me 5 minutes and I'll meet you in the penetration lair"
  6. Sexy bike dungeons?
  7. You sat on that steamer for 5 years? I dunno how you managed to keep that to yourself...
  8. Yeah it's pretty surreal, it's pretty mad that it's a crowd fund that actually worked, and did something other then get new hair for some tiktok goon. Last time we spoke about it, his treatment nurse was going to propose the treatment to her managers and see if they could get it reviewed for use in the UK which is wild. To think this could be the beginning of something big for alot of patients if they're compatible with the treatment.
  9. So, quick update following on from this.... Anyone that donated, you've earnt yourself a cold one. Nathan had the new treatment towards the end of last year after 3 or 4 sessions of treatment the cancer was massively overwhelmed and the treatment was a success. Before Christmas he had a MRI scan and they couldn't find cancer in his body at all, they recommended he go for a PET scan (I think that's the right, it was something like that, just MRI with binoculars basically, looking to the 1000th of a millimeter) and they found zero cancer, non, nada, nothing. At the minute he's still ongoing regular check ups and I think he has more treatment coming to really keep ontop of it. So anyone that donated to this your donation actually saved a life, be it 50p, £2 or £200, you contributed to saving his life. About 3 weeks ago he welcomed into the world his first kid with his wife, so if all continues as it is now he should have a long and happy life watching his kid grow up. TF did me and yourself proud.
  10. Magnolia house people. Every room is a slightly different shade of pale grey/magnolia, each corner is adorned with Oak warehouse finest, telly mounted to the wall with a piece of driftwood strapped below it to sit some tea lights and reed diffuser on. Seriously, why do so few people have absolutley zero imagination.
  11. I hated buying our house and the situation couldn't have been easier, we were first time buyers and the seller was the tenants parents, so no chain. Think it took 3 months longer then it should as both parties solicitors just stopped caring in the end I went to the sellers house (they lived about 5 doors down from my parents weirdly). The moment our money left my account I was convinced we had been scammed . Our house is only a 2 bed semi, with a good drive, garage and back garden, next door is a single mum who's making noises of moving. We're hoping to get in before it gets to market and convert 2 houses into 1, if we manage it it'll be a real good sized 3 bed detached, great garden and 2 garages/driveways if we wanted to keep them. Its a modern build too (1995ish) so adjusting the rooms would be super simple, think you could blow the walls down, other then wiring theres nothing in the walls between us, so the conversion other then messy would be pretty straight forward. Luckily we're in a position to be cash buyers if the money shes talking about is what it goes to market for, so really once its bought we can take our time and convert it as we can afford it. Our mortgage is with platform, been really good in all fairness, cant remember the rate but when we swapped around 3 years ago from santander we managed to get around 10 years shaved off the mortgage and pay less each year, we'll have it paid off in 6 years time. The appeal of living in this small 2 bed but mortgage free is unbelievably tempting
  12. Minispares will probably be your best bet for either standard or uprated items.
  13. Nice Mike, thats awesome.
  14. I started going off the main story alot more and finding the side objectives, some of those have been cool, and working on stuff like the collect 5 or 10 whatevers. The first two chapters have flown by though with no effort. Its nice to come back into it and be a pretty sharp shooter, early in the game when moneys tight and ammo is mainly looted, being able to headshot the majority of problems is a bonus, can soon rack up alot of ammunition and save alot of health tonics.
  15. I started to replay RDR2 a few weeks ago, deleted my completed save and got back into it, I've done exactly that and made a few saves. Its really worth another play through, I've only had 10/15 hours on there and really enjoying it!