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  1. That time of year again folks, c'mon all 6 of you, what ideas you got?
  2. All hail the mighty A series.
  3. If you want any help or advice I'm pretty sure @Danny an myself are the only Mini owning active members, just shout up
  4. If you put any sort of honda engine near that thing I will.... I will.... I will... I dunno what I'll do, but don't be a tard and leave the A series in there
  5. For the effort it would take I'd bleed the clutch system to rule that out. Worn release bearings generally rattle though rather then squeal, but I'm not well versed on MX5s so dont take it as gospel.
  6. The few times I've used it I've been less then impressed, it doesnt seem to adhere well. The only thing I like about it is the tintable aspect, but even then stone ship an a coat of colour is passable. I just went back to regular stone chip for the odd time I use it, far simpler and does essentially the same thing.
  7. You know raptor is textured too?
  8. What's with the want to raptor coat the van? I think 1 if your careful you could make that look respectable from the inside, be careful what you push that put with though, you may find the end result will be worse then what you have now. The others I'd look at any form of slide puller with attachments small enough to get in there. I've had more success with smaller dents on panels then large as I think theres less stretch o shrinkage in them. I'd genuinely price up your repair first and not rule out the replacement. For some.of those your gonna want a fiberglass filler, aswell as a decent top filler so budget £35 for those. Your gonna need want a good high build primer, £20 for a couple of cans. 2 or so cans of colour, £20, depending on how far you want to go with your repair any sort of cutting compound to finish, £20. Your wet and dry/production papers £20 again for a range of grades suitable for the whole job so your at £115. A weekend sorting those out to get semi respectable results for £85?
  9. Post some pictures up dude, likelihood is within that range of the door frame itll be pretty stiff so likely to have stretched the skin a little. Not 100% unrepairable, but its likely to take a good amount of work. Have you looked for a replacement sliding door? Factor in the cost of your tools an time an I'd probably be looking down that route if I'm honest.
  10. I'll come in the yank tank if theres a long enough straight for me to park
  11. I really do want a DC2 before I'm too old and boring, but fear that age has passed already. Someone backed into the fairlane this afternoon, put a football sized dent in the rear quarter and flattened all the stainless trim. 2 taps inside the boot with the rubber mallet and the bodywork was back to normal Stainless trim isnt in too greater shape but it's gone back to something like. Luckily I found a guy on facebook groups breaking one so the whole thing was repaired within an hour and $45. Sucks for the astra though, bumper was mullered.
  12. To be honest the Gray chapter is 100% my favourite album, I think that is in pretty much every way the most complete they've ever sounded to me. Like some songs you can tell Corey has something to say, so they build a song around it, or Jim has some ideas for the bridge an chorus so they work it out from there, but Gray chapter just seems such a group effort and tight to me. Think We are not your kind has alot of aspects of that, an there is some really good musicianship on there but it'll always stand out because of Unsainted and Nero Forte. As a whole though I don't think they've ever produced anything you really can say is bad, it's just growing an developing with age I think, there is loads more rhythm starting to come out in these past 2 albums, an less like tribal drum driving bangers. Wait and bleed, Left behind and Eyeless will always have a place for me though, they are just anthems.
  13. Slipknot standing at the 02 in january
  14. A friend of mine was of the same attitude regards new builds being made of paper mache and sticks, so he bought something made in the 40s. I've lived in my (relatively) new build for 7 years now an other then a boiler issue it's been a faultless first house, energy bills are low, maintenance is simple and it does everything I want. His has been a constant snowball of issues, whilst trying to pay for the thing in the first place. I understand older houses are better built, but it doesn't mean todays properties aren't up to the task. I love the quest for knowledge, learning is enjoyable I find when it's such a diverse field of opinions and possibilities, hence re-opening this shitstorm.
  15. One of the best weekends I've had in ages