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  1. A guy I know with a bare metal chevy truck uses anchor wax on the cab and bed, keeps it from oxidizing and feels mega faaaaaancy.
  2. Pokey hernia tug
  3. Jesus, I'd expect bum fun with that kinda investment.
  4. Have you treated it with anything Dan?
  5. I need to update this soon, I've made a shit load of furniture soon for various customers.
  6. Top work
  7. Positive thinking and slipped discs all round!
  8. My phones just told me that since January 1st I've spent 8 days on reddit.
  9. Bet it was the pallets that bumped the price up...
  10. Offer declined then mortgage company wasn't happy with my books. They needed 5 years of books, I only have 4 and my first year I earned £245 as my business officially opened 6 weeks before the end of the tax year . Ahh well, in the past few weeks I've sold some good stock, holding off buying with the exchange being so toss so it's all helping out as it means were racking up so much more of a deposit.
  11. Sad times but glad to see you've got another toy dude. No doubt see you in the lay bys around Derbyshire at night now.
  12. Did I see you'd sold the clio dude?
  13. Offer in on provisional next house hopefully accepted and we can get the ball rolling. Should have the ability to work from home if all goes well and build a nice workshop at home!
  14. Back after 3 days of buying jukeboxes, associated retro stuff and copious amounts of alcohol and herb. Good weekend had by us.
  15. Didn't follow back..... shaaaade.