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  1. You f**ker Not fitting in an A4 is headroom, not my behind.
  2. That's pretty much where we are in the hunt for a car. I don't fit in a4 estates, Octavia estates I'm looking at the b post with my seat in the right position, as you say Ford<baller status, so it's not left us a huge range. I did look into subaru foresters for a while but they only tend to come with 2l or 2.5l thirties which isnt ideal.
  3. What do you think to the V50 dude? We keep looking at them as a midsized estate but I don't know anything about Volvo other then tanklike and pretty reliable. Jenny's after a midsized estate, something focus-y but there seems slim pickings as most people just go full size with the Mondeo or Passat. We both like euros estates but they're always a shitty brown colour and specced for the OAP, focus estates are just abit meh, golf estates are nice but the budget we have puts us in the 1.6tdi 2012ish bracket which I'm avoiding after CaddyGate. The Volvo popped up on my radar and I love the look of them especially the R Design packs, they seem to hold value well which says to me there's a reason for it..
  4. Yeah I know what you mean. I think the idea is more people at home are going to tackle the lighting loom on their own car projects, rather then spend some time on the 5 axis they have knocking around in the garage. Car restoration programs always used to annoy me so I've stopped watching any of them, they used to jump in and rip the front end apart, but not really explain why or what they've achieved by doing it...
  5. I watched this last night and actually didn't mind it. I thought the engineering that went into that alternator drive design was great.
  6. Finito!
  7. Why is this so common now? f**king parcel dicks
  8. Ripped a burnout yesterday, the wheel hop was so bad this happened.. Not really, was there when I picked it up. The wheel hop is awful though...
  9. Rents a transit van, goes to collect transit van, Sorry we don't have a transit van. We do have this giant inconvenience though... Cheers guys...
  10. The 1600s did from around 2011-2013, VW swapped from Bosch injectors to some budget brand that generally just fail. I've done well to get to 100k miles before a problem it seems, usually they're dead at 50k. The issue is the electrical wrap around the injector breaks down (from my vast forum research) so returns are good for a week or 2 as they can't recreate the factory marginally better wrap.
  11. Injector killing piece of wank... Don't really know what to do, as injector 3 and 4 have failed. Considering it's mileage and damaged history I'd expect to get around 4500ish for it, do I spend nearly 1000 on it for the 2 injectors or do I just cut losses? Not sure...
  12. I just love that one. The rest can eat a dick
  13. Anyone else do that thing of getting into guitar, playing around loads and swapping/changing gear then suddenly something lands and you just click with it? I sold pretty much everything a year or more back, and kept my LPB tele, LPB strat and I don't know if this ever found it's way on here? Fender longboard strat, it's one of the models fender released in their 50 for 15 limited run or something. I ordered one as soon as I saw them as I loved the body, but when it came I was that busy it just sorta got sidelined. I don't think it ever found it's way on here as 3 or more pages back I know I said hardtail strats don't interest me, and knew that would be thrown back at me . I've played my tele pretty solidly for 2 years or so now despite building numerous strats I keep going back to the Tele as it's just a great player. I remembered I bought that (it was in the loft of all places). Had a quick restring and set up and just got with it. It's such an awesome machine, on the bridge with the tone rolled up the shawbucker is pretty bright, roll the tone a little and it's got some grunt in there! Played through the TSA5 it sounds great, ad abit of reverb and it's a real nod to the shadows and dick dale. Love it
  14. I've had dozens of prices through them to be honest, I buy alot from the Netherlands and unless it's a huge box they all have come via that company. But yeah, they're absolutely toss.