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  1. Theres worse stuff living in that beard
  2. Still waiting on the groupset, but just had a chainless roll down the hill near work, really, really impressed with the Lyriks, set them at 95psi and they feel real nice, sags probably 30-35% so it sits well too. Thanks for the heads up on the Lyriks folks, half tempted to buy a set for the orange now
  3. Build day tomorrow! Gonna come unstuck as current front hub is 110x20, and the lyriks are 15mm, I'll still be waiting on parts so not the end of the world. Ordered brakes and an slx 1x11 groupset last night, seatpost this morning so really it'll all come together pretty quickly.
  4. It crossed my mind to try at 160, but alot of online feedback seems to be the 5010 tries to kick up when anything 150mm+ is on the front, I did consider just running lower pressure as with my weight and size getting some extra sag in there isn't really an issue And the debonair revise seems to keep the fork efficient throughout the stroke. I've ordered a 140mm Air spring, and the change over doesn't look too difficult so might get to play about with it first. Really looking forward to getting out on it, I love the orange and still find it a really fun bike, but looks to me like the 5010 is going to be that bit more playful which is something I've been after for a while, theres not really much big and steep around here, so a shorter travel point and shoot might be more fun for local stuff.
  5. Gone for a set of Lyrik Ultimates with the revised debonair setup, they're 160mm so just need to source a 140mm spring replacement! Cheers for the help as always you lovely, lovely men. Shaping up to be a nice build so far, Santa cruz v3 5010c Lyriks Pro 4 enduro wheel set/tubeless maxxis aggressors 1x12 using raceface cranks and spam setup Slx 4pots, they've been fantastic on my orange Brand x dropper Raceface Chester bars and stem left over from the orange, may replace them in the future when i getsa ride in.
  6. Hero moves. Think I'm gonna risk a set of lyriks, I'm a bigger lad at 18stone, so the stiffness of the lyric might be what the doctor ordered.
  7. Its funny you should say that, I rode a friends lappierre last night with revelations on and couldn't believe how nice they felt, super smooth! I will say they seemed to flex more then what I'm used to with the fox's but I was super impressed. Really put me in line for something pike or Lyrik
  8. Finally scratched the itch and bought a SantaCruz 5010 frame, looking to build up a nice trail build, I haven't looked at components for a long time so still assume fox 34/36 rule the roost The Fox 32s on my orange are still great with regular servicing so may well just go with another fox setup, just curious if anyone's rating anything different really..
  9. In the new year when your full time at it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. I worked 2 jobs in the start as I was scared to make the jump, did eventually and realised what I'd been missing out on. Even using an extra hour a day to advertise and get yourself onto social media was a huge help. Its funny when you find a nice niche, you find there's lots more weirdos then you expected Glad it's going well though, always nice to see something come good
  10. You never shrug the feeling that if your not at work it's wasted time I didn't have more then a day away from my business for its first 3 years, then after that just utilised long weekends and stuff. Eventually you get the hang of it but you'll always be on call, it gets tiring and you're never 100% relaxes as it'll always be in the back of your mind if you replied to a Facebook message or replied to an Instagram post. Once people understand how good you and your product is though, usually a day or so wait isn't a problem. Congratulations on it turning a profit though, its not an easy thing to do!
  11. Yeah he switched to a vegan diet a couple of years ago and it kept it at bay, didnt get any better but certainly didn't get any worse. He started a course of treatment that was hormone based in Germany last October and he got the all clear in December, absolutely unbelievable, I know it hit him hard, like double dose of chemo hard, but results were there. Saw him yesterday funnily enough, he looked really well. It's a testament to good diet and research really. He has an 8 month old boy now too
  12. Do you kept up on your flea and worming tablets too? I take mine every 6-8 weeks.
  13. Nice one Mark, glad your happy with it! We looked at a 2017 golf alltrack at the weekend, but not really sure wether to go for it as there is no situation where we'd ever need the all wheel drive, just like the look of them Carpeted the back of the caddy, made and fitted a new headliner and boot liner over the last few evenings, made a huge difference and looks really smart. Just rear seatbelts to fit and it's done.
  14. 2006-2014ish Toyota Avensis any good Rowan? Always see them as taxis and all seem to keep on trucking well into the 200k's
  15. Dad wagon checklist is getting worked through nicely, -60mm drop all round, 18x8 steelies, rear seats and trim are in aswell as the sliding door windows and I'll be carpeting the back end this weekend.