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  1. How come dude? Over the limit for rates relief?
  2. Look at units available from your local council dude, they might be a little bit more money (I'm talking 10 of so quid a month) but they offer super good start up deals and help. When I took my unit they offered me upto 6month rent free to help me get going but if have to the into a pretty long lease. I took 2 months rent free an it was a huge help. 5 years on and I'm still in a council unit that they maintain externally and plumbing. Any issue I have I report it and in the next month (unless it's urgent) it's repaired, can't say fairer then that I think.
  3. Best way dude, keep your head down and get a game plan together whilst your earning. Don't fall into the routine though and let this opportunity pass you up.
  4. How come dude? Don't let it get you down. Keep on the specialist Honda route man and keep using your name.
  5. And you, although your like 12 miles away.
  6. Bump Much JD? Topic was from last year
  7. It's the age old opinions are like arseholes line in my opinion, but it's just super easy to voice your opinion on Facebook. My line of work is super niche as you may have guessed, I really pride myself on getting factory colours and finishes. Alot of people restoring machines don't as it's A- expensive for the hobbyist an B- time consuming. But when you post something in a professional capacity, showcasing what you can and have achieved with this machine and knowing to the best of your ability that thing is factory fresh, Terry a retired postman who has 'restored' (read as brush painted and autosol'd it abit) a machine 10 years ago, but don't select that one as it doesn't like that one can pull it apart, for no reason other then it's not to his taste. The world seems to have lost it's courtesy I guess, I know we're all sarcastic dickheads on here too eachother and I'd never expect less, but I've 'known' some of you for well over 12-15 years (holy shit...) and it's just a given how you'll read/react to the post. On social media, some gimmer I've never met will give me a 10 point breakdown of why my product is wrong and how to improve it, not ideal when I'm asking money for the product for possible customers to see this. So then you politely diffuse the situation, when really you wanna tell them to f**k off and go and enjoy they're piece of shit they think is worth as much if not more. It's a weird one, I think it's very apparent in the smaller groups like my jukebox pages, Jenny goes on a few sight hound groups, if you post on those you've bought a puppy you get annihilated for not rehoming an ex-racing greyhound, if i was fresh to these groups and i saw that kind of attack I'd run a mile. It's a shame as they could be such good tools and have been good for me and a lot of small businesses, but it's the ignorant dicks that just spoil it for all.
  8. Yeah, what a dick that guy was! I only use it for work and keeping up with my contacts around the world, even then though we've tended to switch to email, Facebook is too temperamental I find. I still push my work on the relevant pages, but even then everyone's an expert and it just gets tiring explaining yourself. It has crossed my mind though to remove myself from it, as you realise the time on there is for nothing. I enjoy Instagram alot more, just more focused on what I want to see, an it gives me what I want from it. I see the odd advert, but no starved dogs, no posts about veterans living on the streets, no Brexit/UKIP tosh just the odd product ad. Call it burying your head in the sand but it's how I'd like to enjoy my time spent on apps I choose to use.
  9. Merry Christmas all, sat watching Jingle all the way eating a huge tub of jelly sweets. We haven't done Christmas dinner for about 3 years, so this year it's chow mein and a huge Chinese platter thing. Can't wait
  10. Merry Christmas all 4 active members of TF. Prove me wrong you lurkers.
  11. I loved my Passat, in all the time I had it it cost me an £18 airbag warning light on the dashboard, and that only failed due to someone hamfisted refitting the dash panel. The 1.9 two is a proven dinosaur of a motor that just goes. Returned good mpg, long service intervals and just a mega comfy ride. The back end was huge, with the seats dropped it was gigantic, I slept in there a few times no trouble and I'm 6.4. I had the B6 Passat, which I'm not sure is gonna be available for your budget unless you go spaceship mileage, but I've only ever heard good things about the B5 and B5.5 Passats, alot of them often preferred them over the later model. Check out golf estates too, they seemed to appeal to the elderly when new so there's some really well looked after examples out there, with sensible miles on for not much money.
  12. How many pieces is he in now?
  13. It's abiiiiiiit rattley but only slightly and it's daft things like the arm rest lid but other then that it's lovely, I'm really impressed with it. It's pretty punchy for what it is, and even driving like a dick it seems to be returning 37+mpg. Dog fits in boot, bikes fit on roof, 5 doors for dogging, what more could you want?
  14. Stopped looking at mid sized estates as I just don't fit in them comfortably.. so we bought a focus 5 door hatch that for some reason is perfect 2013 zetec s 1l eco boost, it's awesome, it has Will I the toys too! Heated windscreen is such a winner.
  15. Pretty much, go go Mexico!