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  1. 10/10 would mask
  2. You've got a face for radio Nick, not youtube
  3. Proper, on the upside Jenny's boss who I borrowed the van from has been super cool, just made sure I was alright and got insurance deets and stuff. So alls well in that respect. Ache like mad today though
  4. Some absolute dick piece pulled on on me in a borrowed luton van today, one totalled ford transit connect and one slightly tired looking Luton. Shoulders and back are aching like crazy.
  5. That is indeed a fact, post up some of the evidence/videos though dude, genuinely did find them interesting.
  6. I didn't see the last few posts but was enjoying the discussion. So, who built the pyramids? And how?
  7. They were, that's generally how slavery worked. Work, work, work and work some more until the jobs done and if you die or step out of line in the mean time your in for it. I dont see your argument with theorizing based on the evidence we have now, that's how discovery works, based in the information we have right now as that's all we can do. I'm not saying it gives anyone the right or permission to belittle anyone elses beliefs but it's pretty impossible to argue with hard facts.
  8. Yeah 100%, I like the idea that they're was/is some higher form that developed loads of our monuments and can see the fact that loads of the lost techniques are really really unexplainable, but for me it was just time an manpower. The lives of the workforce were disposable so the work really just depended on making sure you had enough jabronees to keep it going.
  9. Should have seen that coming. Slippery bastards.
  10. Whered the alien tech thread go?
  11. Tf tuned if they arent booked for months
  12. Cheers guys I'll check them out, I dont mind spending monehs but it's just a faff buying something to send it back and just wondered what brands folks had had success with I guess. Actual riding gear generally doesn't fit as they tend to stop at XL, usually it's the shoulders I struggle with so I'll give TLD a look.
  13. Being a larger gentlemen in weight and height, I find riding clothes a hard thing to find, either too short in the body so half your backs exposed or sleeve length is too short. Then when I do it's usually a £60 quid fox hoody that I really don't want to smash round the muddy woods in and get ruined. Anyone know of any brands that are just good for being suited for riding in, I keep picking up fox hoodies whenever they're on sale as they're really good, but other then that its abit of a pain to keep guessing what's gonna fit and not.
  14. What's the rear axle Mike? Have the bearing end caps pulled loose on the scale allowing the free hub to wander abit?
  15. SpankBankBackup