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  1. Dick move
  2. I've still got the ashton frame and probably all the bits to build something, I like the idea of getting back into it, just not really got the time to give it. I bought a Leeson a few years ago, then sold it on once I'd wasted money on it Have you?
  3. What an achievement, can't believe anything you could create could be in anyway successful at anything. I'm impressed but not at the time time because its you. Yeah business is dead on its arse at the minute, I'm lucky enough to run a business that operates on cash in hand though rather then 30 day accounts, so there's nobody knocking on the door for monies. Just gotta ride it out I guess. How's big rona affecting you guys? Hows Korea treating you? I had to go into Nottingham the other evening and drove the one way round the corner house, instantly back to midnight notts night rides and treat kebab. Not that its any of your business, dickhead.
  4. Ohhmeergeeerd he replied with a gif, showed me. Post regularly or don't post at all, TF isn't a youth hostel you piece of shit. Hows things anyway? Baby revolver doing alright?
  5. Get out, we don't need you here
  6. I only quickly glanced and got dead excited at twin turbskis, dissapointed when saw they were lights.
  7. Built this, tested my noggin quite alot getting it to work properly but finally getting constant results! Got a problem with the lighting circuit but that's a walk in the park compared
  8. Your MR2 speaks for itself dude, slap some contact info on there and start pushing it in the right areas.
  9. Nothing mr Taxman. Squeaky clean here...
  10. I can't remember whos dyno it was, might have been MiniSports, but about 11 years ago anything that went on there came out at 98bhp 1300 multipoints with the JCW kit on at 98bhp, followed by a 998 with a stage one 1 kit and 12g940 head - 98bhp
  11. Nice one dude, pleased for you!
  12. Wine weight
  13. Ironically I've lost nearly 2 stone since this all kicked off, lack of being on the road and being able to get fast food has been a real winner
  14. Also see - No education, but go look at Lemurs from the 15th onwards. Nice one facebook petitions, you're great.
  15. In all seriousness though I think the most frustrating thing from our (the UK) point of view is we were a couple of weeks behind other countries, we could've followed by example pretty nicely and ridden this out possibly alot quicker and alot more controlled. As it is this half arsed "lockdown" was been put in place, the damage to health, industry and the economy is done, possibly more damage then if we just shut down totally and now we're trying to come out the other side when on paper, we arent in that great of a position. The most infuriating thing is theres no standard set so most places are just setting up their own rules, to try an get timber from my local merchant is like trying to get into fort Knox, my paint supplier is 1 person in store at a time but that's about it. Nobody really knows what's right or wrong, but it's alright now though because Boris has said your allowed out for a shag. Our government just dont seem to be addressing the key points on how to begin to open your business/shop back up, seems like a plastic screen and a bottle of sanitizer by the door is the token gesture needed. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the infection numbers in a week or so time after the countries recent protests and mass gatherings, if nothing really changes number wise I can see alot of people just going back to as normal as possible.