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  1. That was my immediate rebuttal to this, but I couldn't word it, bravo!
  2. Wait, what?
  3. Gotta keep up the steez even with an infant . It's something I've wanted to do since buying it but now I've got momentum to work on it seems as good'a time as ever.
  4. Lockdown wasn't it, only so much netflix you can stand
  5. In other car news, work van needs to become a family wagon for the arrival of our first infant in September. Spent the weekend cleaning out the caddy, removed the panel that bridges the load floor to the bulkhead, thus revealing the same floor as a VW touran. Tacked in the brackets for the 2nd row of seats and installed them to get the rear mounts lined up, a friend who's much better at welding is stitching them in for me Wednesday. Ordered eibach -60mm springs, rear axle flip kit, side windows, all the boarding I'll need to make it a relatively nice place to be in the back and 10m of 4way stretch carpet. Hoping to get the bumpers painted in the next few weeks, stick some nice wheels on and make a nice workhorse/family bus. With the seats in I can still fit a full sized jukebox in the back, it's awesome.
  6. Just going back over some stuff on the forum from a few years back, nostalgic moment I guess. All this stuff turned up about a year after I posted that, work was so busy at the time I never did anything with it, put the pallet ontop of my spray booth and forgot about it Its still there..
  7. Its savage stuff, I've known it remove powdercoat before.
  8. Starchems good or this stuff, this stuff is pretty evil... I use the strip away pro at work and there's not much it won't tackle.
  9. Keep going Sam, it's a good feeling to get busier and expand your name out there.
  10. Not strictly true, we've had a house sale fall through because the buyers discovered I was self employed and thought it would be risky to enter into the deal with me, despite having a fair sized deposit and mortgage in principle. They accepted our offer then slow timed to see if they got anything better, as far as I'm concerned, not sure where they found out my employment status though..
  11. Subterranean shagpad
  12. F'kin snowflake. Humping hide.
  13. God, supercycles. What a shop. I bought my first T-Raptor from there, most exciting day ever!
  14. "Just give me 5 minutes and I'll meet you in the penetration lair"
  15. Sexy bike dungeons?