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  1. I'll get hold of professor Noel Sharky for the definitive answers...
  2. Rusebot, ACTIVATE.
  3. Had that on stand by for nearly 2 years....
  4. All good stuff Sam, super happy your jumping in and having a go, never met you but it's clear to see you know what your doing with them so stick to it man.
  5. Is Danny dc2 the nurburgring slayer in that k20 mr2? His mate executes that's stunning fwd drift in that dc5 Got someone local on the hook to buy the fairlane, kinda dont want it to stay around as I dont want to see it driving around but a sales a sale. The idea was to put the money into my business and give cars a break for a while, then get back into it when I can afford something dream status, but my juke picker in the states has spotted a 61 Caddilac coupe deville bubbletop that's given me mild feels...
  6. Some of those wre scary, it scares me how the wheel seems to speed up once its left the car!
  7. Well...
  8. Jack that corner up that you suspect hands at 10 and 4 and wobble to see if theres play. I'm sure its 10 and 4, 12 and 6 is ball joints, 3 and 9 is track rods... I think..
  9. I've been to see it again and I can see both sides, I think end game was kinda light hearted and humoured as infinity war was a pretty serious film so they wanted to bring it back to the level of the last 2 avengers movies. I really enjoyed it again a second time, I've watched a few other of the marvel films since and realised how many bits and pieces it ties up. I think they have to walk such a narrow line between what they wanna do, what's possible and keeping it relatively close to the comics. I've noticed alot of stuff they just straight out ignore from the comic story lines, or fabricate to keep the timeline straight I guess. Eitherway I really enjoy it, cant wait to see what phase 4 brings and who's up next.
  10. Went to an American car meet yesterday, some stunning cars there! That gold/bronzey Willys was insane!
  11. Yeah its dog shit Haha. I planned on going to Santa pod this weekend for nostalgia nationals, but realise I better make sure I know a fuel station nearby for when I get there
  12. About 120 miles, does roughly 10-11mpg. Still got quarter of a tank though so I can hold onto that small victory Biggest annoyance is the size of the tank, £30 and it's about full
  13. Glad the fairlane didnt sell now, clutch went on the van on Tuesday so I've been running around in that for the last 4 days. 65 quid in fuel The £1300 caddy repair bill seems less of a blow with a 15 quid a day fuel habit on the fairlane
  14. Could you apply some sort of metal wrap to the timber Paul? I can't see the timber standing upto too many jobs if your playing with concrete. Not from a wear and tear point of view, from a shit sticking it it point of view... That said, 2 lengths of 4x2 box section wouldn't cost that much and easily tacked together for you.
  15. Only word of advice, keep up on paperwork, a few hours a week seems a ball ache but its better then a mad dash on the 22nd January