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Um i supose the theory would work but weather it would in reality is different, id say go for it because its not really going to make much difference to your frame if it doesnt. all you'll be left with is a small hole.

id say go for it and see what happens.


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hmm i dunno i would because then you can run (Y) snail cams (Y) and it will be alot better and i dont really think it will damage the frame but if you were to snap your frame riding and wanted to claim it on the warrenty they wouldnt let you

it is up to you if you aint planning on claiming the warrenty if the frame snaps, then go for it but if not dont

cheers mackey

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If you look on the dropouts of the Zona, they're pretty massive, so there's plenty of room to do it. Personally, I've never had trouble with chaintugs at all (and neither do the thousands of BMXers who've run chain tugs since near enough when BMX began?), and so I haven't bothered doing that to my Zip.

From what I can tell, the Zip warranty only covers manufacturing defects, so if it snaps after any significant length of time (after a month or two, basically) you're unlikely to just get a free frame 'cos a material defect would've manifested itself before that time.

So yeah, either way, I wouldn't worry about the warranty. Saying that, I also wouldn't fanny about with snail cams, but there we go...

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