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Natural In The South East?


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Well I've been in the mood to ride some natural lately but living near London means i don't get anywhere near good stuff too often.

What good natural places are the in the South-east, I know about Hook woods and Battersea but i wondered if there was anywhere new, someone mentioned worthing and weymouth were good but I'm not too sure, need a few more opinions.

Anyone know of any good places?

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Worthing is good for natural. Some complain that it isn't "real" natural because it's sea defence rocks. Honestly, who gives a shit, rocks are rocks. :ermm:

There's also some new ones about 10/15 minutes ride down shore, which none of us have actually riden yet, so i can't tell you about them. Had a few million spent though, apparently, so can't be too bad.

Brighton has a bit too. If you go to preston park, there is a big hilly garden type place opposite, and if you go in there and walk up a bit, there's lots of rocks there, but with the tree's and moss, some are a bit sketchy, but it's ok if you also ride the rest of brighton, as you couldn't spend all day there.

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Worthing is much better for Natural than Brighton.

Preston Park doesnt have anything good to ride, and the only rocks are man made defences in the marina, in which you have to climb over a 15ft wall to get to.

And they arent rocks, they are concrete things.

If you want rocks, youve got Worthing, good street too, Shoreham, Nice rocks, and the old fort.

And all the new sets of rocks in between.

Theres also Eastbourne that has a nice load of rocks on the seafront.

Brighton isnt worth it, unless you just want street

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