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Mr Dave

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How the feck do you get it to play vids ????

ive got a 1gb card,

the usb lead

ive converted the vid into mp4 like it said

i can put photos and songs on it easy, and go on the net, ive downloaded the newest patch 2.60

ive formated the card like it said, and it says to put the video in that folder in the mp_root folder, but when i do, it goes on, but says its an unsurported format!!!! grrr

Helpo ??? pleasey ?

Dave :)

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Downloading games is very very wrong :D but its only available on a PSP that has 1.52 version firmware, I.E. out of the box, no updates.

As for movies, they go into a directory E:\MP_ROOT\100MNV01, where E:\ is the drive letter of your Memory Stick (when accessed from the PC)

You should avoiding connecting the PSP to your PC, always use a memory card reader. This is only to avoid Sony updating your PSP, which affects its useability.

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Mate, download this programme: www.pspvideo9.com

Plug in your PSP to your computer and turn it on. Load up that program, choose the video you want to encode & resize and it'll do it for you and transfer it to the right folder all for you.

I use it to stick videos on my PSP.

Job's a good 'un (Y)

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