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Just had a look on the Thoughts page for DJ, and the current top line of bunny's is spam saying stuff like

"your site is very good with a nice layout, ?ongratulations" fomr someone like "Jack, USA"

Something needs to be done about it In my opinion, it's a website dedicated to someone very close to many people on this forum and everywhere else, and is pretty much being ruined by spammers.


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It can't be helped i'm afraid. People make spam bots that scan for guestbooks, and they post automatically.

You could add in a bot checker, which is basically a generated picture, and you have to enter the code from it.

T'is a shame, but can't be helped. I do know Tom and Danny often delete posts from there, as it gets spammed a lot, especially with the size of it. :(

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damn bots, and they say machines etc make life easier.

Was just reading the posts, not been on there in a long long time. left a post and when i went back someone had deleted the bot posts! fast swift movement (Y)(Y)

still very very moving just reading the posts on there

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