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Benslinger.co.uk V3


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Not bad, although, if i'm honest, it looks very sort of, amateur-ish. Think it's the navigation and the frames. Also, the image's aren't sized properly. The left two are wider then you are displaying them at, for example, and this makes the text and images look really bad quality, when infact they aren't.

It seems a bit like how i feel towards the Onza site. With such a big company, you expect a top of the range website, and as with you, a 4 times world champion, i was expecting something beautifull and original.

Maybe i just over analyze, but the website just doesn't feel right.

Good effort though.

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looks cool, but imo i wouldn't have a video(the downloadable one) as long as 17 minutes- if i was serious about selling a DVD i would make a much shorter video(free vid that is) to have for free more of a teaser to get people to buy the DVD because tight people (like me) won't spend money on a DVD when they can get basically 20 minutes for free! Just an idea from my point of view, you might think it's bollocks...it probably is, ah well.

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