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Fitted New Chain And It's Skipping.help Please


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Hi people, some advice please, i have just fitted a new kmc kool chain onto my bike after the previiuos one snapping :rolleyes: and it is skipping a bit i have lined to mech up perfectly, the teeth on the middleburn ti bash uci up front are in good condition but the rear seam to be a bit sharp and need replacing, i am unsure weather or not replacing to 14 tooth cog on the rear will stop this skiping whe i pedal fast with pressure.If people have had the same problem with there new chain skipping please tell me and how you overcome this problem.I am running a normal komc kool chian not the mega fat one and i have middleburn isis uci ti bash upfront 14 tooth cog on rear.

Clarky (Y)

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ahhh sorry i get you, well still you will need to replace it, or use the chain until it wears in, its not uncommon for a drivetrain made of different age components (or new even) to skip alot until they have settled in

if you really need to ride, i can only suggest gettin an old casette and stealing another sprocket for now

i found with my rear 14t it skipped a little until i had used it for a few rides, bloody annoying though :(

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My Kool was a bugger for that. It just made a horrific grinding noise all the time when I had a fully new drivetrain. Just had to grin and bear it 'til they all meshed together properly, so I'm guessing it'll be sorta the same deal with your's, 'cept your's are different due to difference in age I suppose.

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