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Definition Of Trials


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hi there i was wondering what the definition of trials riding is so i had a little look round on the internet but all the places i viewed seemed to be very different, i wanted to make a definition of trials which was simple and easy to remember. (none of this crap about it origionally came from spain etc that doesnt tall you anything about what trials is) but i couldnt think of anything to cover all the aspects.

Probably a crap topic i know but i was wondering if anyone wanted to chip in to try to create a definition? this is what i got so far...

Trials riding is a sport ( cant think of a different word other than sport ) in which the object is to use balance and technical skill to navigate up around or through a section of urban or natural terrain which could consist of anything from...

and thats it so far, please feel free to add to it, take bits out, swap parts for your own parts etc.


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Bike trials is an individual sport that incorporates the use of a special bicycle which the rider must maneuver and balance on in order to complete specially designed artificial or natural "sections." The objective is to pass through the sections with as little physical contact with the ground as possible, hence obtaining minimum penalty points.

Bike Trials comes from Motorcycle Trials. Motorcycle trials riders wanted to give their kids something to practice on before moving up to motorcycles, and some of the kids grew up to love bike trials more.

There are 4 different classes at competitions in the United States - Beginner, Sport, Expert, and Pro.

Depending on your class, you have either 2 or 3 minutes to complete one section. There are usually about 5 different sections that are done in order 2 or 3 times. 1 penalty point is given each time riders touch the course with one part of their body. 5 penalty points are given when riders touch the course with more than one part of their body. When a rider reaches 5 penalty points in one section, they are finished with that section until the next loop.

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i suppose the main objective of trials is to get over a certain area without putting your feet down, or falling off......but i think street has a slightly different aspect whare you put some style in to the show.....if you look at some riders they have complete style..smooth..slow..crisp and perfect.... naturel does not have as much style..more on both wheels..and faster and not as smooth ..... more rigid and rushed...

well thats how i see it...


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Taken directly from www.krisholm.com, but its vague enough to still apply to bike trials too.

Trials: This involves riding over obstacles of any sort, either in natural terrain or in an urban environment, where the challenge is purely a function of technical difficulty over short distances. Riding techniques are employed purely as a means to negotiate obstacles.


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