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T-pro Or Zona Zip


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ite m8, i am about ur hight i think, and i went from a tmag to a zoo python cls. feels realy wierd at first cuz of the longness but after a few days things like sidhopes backwheeling nd stuff are so much easyer!

the zona zip is about the same size so if i were u i would go 4 that. maybe try someone eles tpro or zona 2 see if u like it?

benno :)

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i am 5 foot 2 and dont which frame to go to as i have a t-bird with mint parts on. Could someone advice me n which one to get

right, the zona is a good for value frame, nice looking, seems strong, 'must' be pretty good if all this lads are

reconmending them on here.

Tpros are also good for the money, BUT.... their only worth the money if your buying the full bike, so personally i would go for the zona.

nice polished one,black one seems rather swarv too.

your choice fella, don't let *PRICKS* put you off buying what you think is best.


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You could get a zona as a full bike if you told tartybikes your spec you want etc.

I would go for the t-pro if i was you because you will be able to man handle it better where as i think the zona might drown you a tad othere than that any of them are top frames.

Cheers Kyle.

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I would say the zona, i have 1 and its so nice to ride, dont worry about it being long, its super nice. The weight isnt a problem either, it feels light when your on the bike. Its worth picking nice componets for it though as changing the littlist things effects the way the bike rides.

but zona would have my choice any and every day, i will never look back, well i will because my profile keeps blowing up :P poofile :P

cheers wilky

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