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Stock And Mod Pro's And Con's


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Hey, i see allot of topics about "what is best Mod or Stock", so i thought i would make this topic to show what I think the pro's and con's are.



Great stand over clearance

Very "flicky" rear end good for gaps

Cheaper parts

Stronger in the long run

Good for side hops, no derailleur problems


Can be less comfortable

Less parts available

Not so good grip on small wheels



More grip on the larger wheels

Can be more comfortable

Good balance and stability

Less chavs :- asking you to go and do a barspin or grind something

More parts available


Not as reliable

Many parts to break

More expensive

Derailleur can be a pain, easy to hit on things

Rims are easier to get flat spots dents or what not

Quite substantually *sp* heavier

Add anything else you think may be helpful to others.

Jacko (Y)

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Its on biketrials.com so i thought i would add it. Its abit outdated though but, meh!!

Choosing between stock and mod

Both modified and stock trials bikes have pros and cons:

Modified (20" wheels)


Superb standover clearance

Easily manueverable in most every circumstance, especially anything rear wheel

Less expensive

Less parts to break

Nearly impossible to bend the rim of a well-built 19" rear mod wheel running enough tire pressure

Learn to sidehop up to both sides without worrying about a rear derailleur


Some people may think it's a BMX bike

A pain to ride more than a mile or two on

May be harder to find parts for it

Harder to roll down things

Easier to go over the handlebars (but less scary when you do)

Doing wedge or wheelbase moves is less comfortable

Stock (26" wheels)


More stable

Bigger wheels = roll everything easier

Easier to do wedge or wheelbase moves

Easier to pedal-kick on odd surfaces because of the larger diameter wheel

You can ride to your riding spot easily (if you have a seat and working gears)

Looks more like a mountain bike

People won't ask you to "grind" stuff or think you do BMX vert or street


Bigger bike = less standover clearance = pain if you fall on the bike

Easy to hit knees on top-tube of most bikes

Less room to work with for bending down before sidehopping, bunnyhopping, etc. or when absorbing landings

More expensive because of greater frequency of breakage and more parts to break

Rear derailleurs - easy to smash into things (though most bikes have replaceable derailleur hangers that will bend before the derailleur is broken)

Wheels - 26" size = easier to get out of true or taco (20" wheels are extremely hard to ruin when built and used properly)

Chain can slip down or up a gear while you ride if your chain is too loose, or you smack your derailleur in section and break it


Gav :)

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