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Shipping Scams


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(Y) i have recently been selling my azonic steelhead 2006,

its brand new and i absolutly love it but because i have got to think about gettin some form of motorized transport, i have chsen to sell it...

a man in sweden has offerd em £950 for it, but i think he might be scamming me beacsue he wants to send me a uk bankers draft, for £5400 and then send the excess chnage to a shipping company for him...??

what are peoples verdicts on this a few of my mates have told me to watch out for scams and i think i might have picked one up has anyone been scammed.....i really dont know..

but thanks lads????

i probably knwo the best thing to do is to sell it on ebay but only being 15 setting a paypal account up is quite hard using bank cards and stuff like that???

but we will see....

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He's having your pants down mate, it's a common scam when selling a car, mainly on autotrader. Tell him to go and get f**ked. Either that or get the draft, cash it in and dont bother sending the rest out (Y)

Normally goes in the order of you sending the bike, then send the sum that makes it up to say 5k (say 400 for bike, you send cheque for 4600) then he'll "send you a cheque for 5k"

Blatently a scam (N)

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You can find descriptions of that type of scam at various places on the web. By the time the bank gets around to sending the draft back (usually fake or drawn from a non-existant bank or bank account) and removing the money, you've sent the item AND the money.

Search for common internet scam on google

You lose, big time.

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I had the same problem. I was selling my marc caisso and i had 2 buyers, so they both sent me out cheques but only one came and i asked £1000 for the bike. Only 1 cheque came for £2500 which i thought was weird so i asked who it was and they both said it was theirs but none of their names was on it and they wanted me to foward money to someone else and they were both foriegn. So i just ignored it all together and kept the bike until someone in the uk is interested. So my advice is ignore them and wait for someone in the uk that sounds qenuine.

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