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Help For A Downhill Set Up Bike


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Hey guys im currently planning to build a down hill bike and ive already found me self a frame off my boss at work as i work in a bike shop. The frame its self is a mountain cycle fury with 2 fox shock gas suspension on the frame and i think he might be throwing some fox forks with the frame all for £500-£600 i think, and i need some more ideas for parts etc.

Heres some i have planned already

Frame: Mountain cycle fury in black with fox shocks

Forks: fox forks any kind

Brakes: shimano deore hydraulic discs

Need more ideas guys

Cheers Andy

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It really depends on your budget. But i would suggest:

Wheels = mavic rims on hope pro 2 hubs.

Easton EA70 bars

raceface diabolous stem

truvative husselfelt cranks + bb

sram X9 mechs and shifters ( get sram X0 rear mech if you can afford it :P )

gusset slim jim pedals( nice and wide (Y) )

SDG bel air RL saddle

SMICA seat post ( quite hard to find but a real bargain)

All in all this would make a pretty nice bike :) . But of course if you gave me a budget it would be much easier to pick parts.

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Hey yeah some good ideas there im gonna spend up to £1000 and i will probably end up buying most of my parts second hand off ebay.

Cheers Andy

I rode the bike yesterday and it rides like a whore i was speeding up and down ashby high street but he had some deores for his brakes but i think his were higher spec because the 1's im planning to get are £69.99 brand new each which are good.

Cheers Andy

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i don't know if you should do a fox fork in that beast :P a marzocchi fork is really good and cheaper. and i am a really great fan off magura brakes the are easy to refill and the do a really god job if you go for the magura buy the louise or the louise fr the gustav m is expensive and only for the serious job you know like the guy bender and others. for cranks and stuff buy a shimano finishing set with: hubs, cranks, shifter, gears and stuff the deore are cheap and do a great job. and if you are working in a bike shop build yourself a set of wheels, with some mavic rims or something that is strong and the shimano hubs. hope this was helpful.

afz, rambo

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To be honest, if you're hoping to build up a reasonable standard DH bike, don't go for deores. My mate had some on his old 4X bike and after around a months use they were very unreliable and the power just wasnt there. Try and get some mono m4's, saints, avid juicy 5's etc. will be cheaper in the long term.

also, www,southerndownhill.com, as said, great for buying/selling.

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i would go for a marzzochi fork like a z1 or the all mountain

got to be sram gearing

as for wheels go for a disk rim if you can if not try a pair or dx32's there mega wide and are really cheep(20 pound each)

ive just finished building a freeride/4x bike for the winter

saracen havoc 04 frame quad hubs and rims

julie disks and sram gears

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