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Want To Carbon Up Some Bits


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I saw a few pictures on Finaltrial.com of a some carbon parts he had made and 1 sparked of some interest with me and i wanted to have a go. It was the carbon hs33 cylinders, ive heard of somthing where u lay wet carbon and i was wonderin if any 1 would know how to do it or how he did it and where to buy the carbon from and what tools id need for the job.

Thanks Danny

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Do you even under stand how carbon fiber works, let alone played with it?

West ssytem resin alone is near enough £80, the cloth it's self £100 currently and then the tools! You'll need a vacume bagger too to do what you want!

I'll do it for you but it's costly sadly!

Edit: that website don;t even come on google!!!!!

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I remember seeing these a while back, its just a carbon effect or carbon wrapped around, can't remember which. Carbon is a right b*****d to work with, and very expensive. You really need to know what you're doing to get a good result. So get some carbon effect sticker, it's surprisingly convincing. My mate once covered his bike in it and without close inspection it looked pretty authentic.

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If it's the dude that ride a Binachi Ilions then he use carbon vinle which is tacky!

Sorry, but i use only real carbonfiber (and i ride BT now). :P

Reason why i did so called covers on my hs33 cylinders is simpy because the paint was gone of them. Cylinders looked ugly so i did something to cover them...

Working with carbonfibre is suprisingly easy, i really have to make somekind of guide how to make parts on your own sometimes (in English too).

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