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  1. Estate agents are a complete scam. They literally provide a place to list an ad, show a few people around, then charge you for the shit your solicitor is already charging you for. Can't stand them.
  2. F1

    I've been watching this over the past few days. I've not really bothered following F1 in recent years (and not much before that either) as I tend to find most races a bit dull on the most part, so I'd occasionally just watch highlights if I heard it was a decent race. The Netflix series have been decent, and give snippets of the interesting bits from race weekends as well as some of the backstage/behind the scenes bits that you woulddn't otherwise see, and that are often more interesting the the action on track. Works well
  3. Looks great Ads. Your face certainly suggests it's been a worthwhile project!
  4. It's 12 years later, and I've just come into this thread to delete some spam. Transporter night was a good session!
  5. Looks good Dave. I've been keeping half an eye out for a cheap T-130 for Soph, seem to be great value for money.
  6. Christ, guess I won't ever bother to visit Hastings in that case
  7. @RobinJI recently TIG brazed himself a baller new frame. Hopefully he won't mind me sharing these on TF given they're on FB. Even his jig is better than anything I will ever produce. Properly cool stuff, look forward to seeing yours come together Ads
  8. Not for anyone else AP. Stick to YT...
  9. If they're anything like the majority of the Financial Services industry, the main problem is excessive regulatory hoop-jumping. Makes an hours actual client-facing work into a 7 hour marathon of form-filling, box-ticking bullshit. It's easy not to see a lot of that side of it and definitely frustrating from a consumer's POV and isn't doing anyone any favours. That said, a lot of mortgage-advise/similar is entirely unregulated, so a good chunk of the timewasting is just grossly unjustifiable!
  10. Holy shit that's awesome news, genuinely epic to hear and put a big smile on my face to know that my donation (along with everyone else's of course!) went some way to making that happen
  11. When do you move in?
  12. Cheer up you miserable, ungrateful old b*****d
  13. At least you can use it to find another job that doesn't force you to use LinkedIn
  14. Good service, knowledgeable crew, actually get your product: pick Tarty Bikes
  15. They look reasonable enough, but from what I've heard recently you'll struggle to actually get one. A good friend ordered one at the end of last year and currently has neither a bike nor his money back. He's been given a couple of half-arsed excuses but otherwise they're giving him the silent treatment. I'd avoid like the plague based on his experience.
  16. He mentions it's "pretty much an identical copy" to the one he rode off a cliff - I have a vague recollection of that being an old Megamo and while I could well be wrong, you can check easily enough I'm sure and that'll give you the geo.
  17. Assuming it was all working fine before the Win10 upgrade? Would point towards a software issue if so (not that parts don't ever die, but IME it's pretty rare). Fresh clean install as Ed says and go from there
  18. Nice one on the new crib Josh (and hopefully Mike) Similar situation to @Wrayvon here really. We bought our first place July 2015, and opted to skip as many rungs on the ladder as we could so ended up in a 4 bed semi with a garage, decent size decking and garden etc. It'd be nice to have a little more space so I'm unrealistically hopeful that the neighbours will one day sell me their garage but I can't see it We're in a convenient place for shops/etc, on the edge of Dartmoor and a short hop to the beach, schools either side of us etc so either we'll stick around here a while longer as we've no real need to move, or we'll move a little closer to the coast* and should be an easy sell to someone. Remortgaged in the summer at 1.35% with Lloyds which is pretty reasonable really. Soph's about to go back to work after mat leave so some extra cash coming in will let us hammer some overpayments again which will be nice, as we put those on hold when we switched lenders last year. Not quite @monkeyseemonkeydo levels of overpayment, but every little helps. That said, I've been funneling the same amount into other investments which shouldn't struggle to generate a return above 1.35% so it's a win overall. *looked at this briefly 18 months ago, and for a very similar property 5 miles from here it'd cost us over £100k so probably not going to happen!
  19. Very similar then. This is 5600X on an MSI B550 Mortar (I also have an MSI A570 which I need to sell, decided against full ATX), 32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600, 1Tb M.2 nVME. Currently in my old case with old PSU and GPU. Yeah I'll upgrade the cooler at some point. The stock cooler is doing ok for now, but I'm not pushing the PC at all yet, just a bit of casual use and some Minecraft, plus a bit of Skyrim after seeing it in my Steam list while setting things up
  20. I need to pick up a GPU in the near future really - I've been using a PC I built in c2008 and even then it was only mid-spec, so figured it was time to upgrade a little. 5600X, MSI board, decent M.2 main drive yada yada but I'm still running the old HD 5770 card from the old setup. Fine for a mo, but when the world picks up a bit more it'd be nice to have something decent for video editing and an RTX card would make it all nice and futureproof for a while.
  21. The fact that you continue to put out edits like this is a massive part of the reason I don't think I will ever not be a Ben Travis fanboy. Nice one gents. Crash at 2:12. No thanks.
  22. The first UK "lockdown" started on 23rd March? Realistically there should have been a properly brutal shutdown for 4-6weeks back then. I can understand why that didn't happen, and hindsight is, for want of a better phrase, 2020, but yeah. We've now reached a point where people are fed up with it and just cracking on with their own thing, which is what's kept (and is keeping) us in a state of perpetual f**kery.
  23. Impressive!
  24. Lazy copypasta: We only went and won! Conditions were damp and greasy in the morning, so we stuck the wets on for quali and following a fantastic drive, @Prawny Baby managed to stick it on pole.With little to do except top up fluids and eat cheesy chips, we spent most of the time before the race scratching our heads about which tyres to run. It was damp with light rain all day, and despite several sessions before our race there wasn't a clear dry line evolving so we made the call to stick with wets and headed off to the assembly area super early because we're still the new boys after all. The race was slippery, with cars falling off the track left, right and centre. We were no exception, dropping back to 8th position after a couple of incidents, but managed to claw our way back up to 3rd.Our 45 minute race was the longest dry period of the day, and towards the end a dry line was beginning to appear, and the few competitors who had opted for dry tyres started to pick up the pace. With the Porsche of Warren Allen closing the gap quickly, it was going to be tight, and we were still some 20 seconds behind the front runners.We were able to hold him off until the chequered flag, and crossed the line 3rd overall, 2nd in class. It would have been the most epic end to our first season to have secured a win, but we were happy enough with 2nd and started loading up.Then the phonecall came in, and we discovered that first over the line had exceeded the pit lane speed limit and been given a 32s penalty, bumping us up to 2nd overall and 1st in our class. We'd only gone and bloody done it! First season for us, with a few lessons learned along the way, but to come away from it on the top step was truly incredible. Massive effort from everyone, congratulations to @teammoarwin for their class finish too, and a huge thank you to all the marshals without win none of this could have gone ahead.Video coming soon(ish)!