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Well i used the search first, and started reading through all the entries. I still had a few questions, so instead of bumping up an old topic, i'd start a fresh one.

Basically we have Nortan on our computer, and i'm fed up of it because it does all it's stupid stuff when i don't want it to.

Now my pa has finally agreed to change software, and i want to know which is the best out there.

Unfortunatley the pc we have is from around the time Jesus was born, so which programs will be the nicest on our system. Until we get a new onee which has been promised next year. Despite the same promise being made over the last few years.

As AVG is free is that any good? And does it take up a lot of resources?

Fire away.

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I also use AVG, and have it on a pretty old system also (PIII 1GHZ). It's fairly light resource wise and has some of the basic schedule capabilities which are handy.

If your going to buy a scanner i'd recommend kapersky, as it's very good at picking up pretty much everything.

As a general rule of thumb i'd try to steer clear of integrated security solutions as they tend to be more trouble than their worth. Seperate virus scanner, firewall and spy/ad-ware scanners tend to work best.

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If you have windows XP make sure you have service pack 2 installed and the built in firewall enabled.

This is perfectly sufficient and a 3rd party firewall is not required. After all your not some company with 'top secret' data to hide so no one but a dumb script kiddie is even gonna try and hack you.

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