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  1. Sorry if you've already mentioned, but why the engine swap? Is the new engine the same spec as the last? 'm guessing from the fact you didn't mention anything about new engine mounts (or anything fabricated for that matter) that it is the same and just because the old one was dying?
  2. Been following your build thread on wscc - bloody brilliant. Can't wait to see it (presumably I'll bump into you at the odd track day?).
  3. Just sticking with the theme, I sold my c350 and bought a Z4. It's a 35i so 3 litre twin turbo goodness. it's been raining ever since, so no good pictures to show you sadly. This will have to suffice:
  4. I'm game now I have an appropriate car!! Westy sounds fun, Adam! Shame you're putting a bike engine in though
  5. I had a giulietta and it was faultless the entire time I owned it (granted that was only a year but still). That was a 2 litre diesel FYI.
  6. I'd love to do this in my MK but f**k driving down to Oxford in it
  7. Haha I thought that was you! Wasn't sure at first hence I was looking so quizzical
  8. Last week, 2 things happened. Firstly, the MK passed it's MOT! WOO. Second, this: All that just to get the gearbox out.... Gearbox is off to be rebuilt - got a worn synchro which has been playing up pretty much since I got it. So figured it was finally time to get it sorted. Going to replace cambelt whilst it's all apart also.
  9. Exactly that. Pinto powered mk. Running bike carbs and a few other fun things!
  10. Just a few pictures, because... well why not.
  11. That is going to be a right weapon! Good work
  12. Got the transmission fluid changed and unfortunately this still happens. Seems like it's going to be a gearbox out job and replace the synchro.... anyone know anyone who likes fiddling with gearboxes?
  13. Probably about £200 I think. If you're interested I'll find out exact shutter count and get all the details etc.
  14. Thinking of upgrading my camera.... anybody after a D3200 with very low shutter count? Probably sell it with 18-55mm lens. Feel free to share this amongst friends Thanks
  15. Cheers for the help guys.