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  1. Incredible news!
  2. I thought I'd post something nice and positive... I built some decking earlier this year. Never done it before so pretty happy with result to be honest! Before: During: After:
  3. I had a C Class estate a couple of years back, it was a 2011 350 model (think it was the sport or AMG trim or whatever it's called these days) and it was brilliant. I only sold it because I get bored easily and fancied something with 2 seats again (despite having a kit car...).
  4. That's pretty grim. What is wrong with some people?!
  5. Yeah I saw that, seems ideal! Have a nosey at his car too (obviously you will - you're a car man!), will give you a better idea what to look out for when you do hopefully take the plunge!
  6. Good luck with that one
  7. Oh don't worry that's all going black as soon as I have time
  8. I added stripes a few weeks back. Thought I'd add a pic Personlised reg on it now too (didn't want to add it to the front though - boo!) so it really does look like a completely different car! Funny.
  9. Looks like a lot of money for a RH with a pinto! I paid quite a bit less than for mine with a higher spec pinto and mine's an MK not a RH....
  10. Aaand another (bonnet now fastened down...) Thoughts on recolouring my alloys? I was thinking Anthracite but I'm not sure if I like the contrast that silver gives now...
  11. Didn't it used to be The Trials Forum too (or have I made that up...)? On a similar note, I was just thinking back to when things changed on here and people go mad. I remember I changed the title of the thread "Post photos of your car" to "The Car Thread" and I had a lot of angry messages!
  12. Colour update!! New (main) colour is 'Sprint blue' - I used to own an Audi TTS in this colour and absolutely loved it. So here we are! Not sorted the fixings for the new bonnet yet so excuse the fact it's not fastened down.... Black vinyl stripe to come soon and then sadly put a reg plate back on the front. Chuffed!
  13. Ain't that the truth!
  14. @MadManMike Just saw this....