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  1. Looks like a lot of money for a RH with a pinto! I paid quite a bit less than for mine with a higher spec pinto and mine's an MK not a RH....
  2. Aaand another (bonnet now fastened down...) Thoughts on recolouring my alloys? I was thinking Anthracite but I'm not sure if I like the contrast that silver gives now...
  3. Didn't it used to be The Trials Forum too (or have I made that up...)? On a similar note, I was just thinking back to when things changed on here and people go mad. I remember I changed the title of the thread "Post photos of your car" to "The Car Thread" and I had a lot of angry messages!
  4. Colour update!! New (main) colour is 'Sprint blue' - I used to own an Audi TTS in this colour and absolutely loved it. So here we are! Not sorted the fixings for the new bonnet yet so excuse the fact it's not fastened down.... Black vinyl stripe to come soon and then sadly put a reg plate back on the front. Chuffed!
  5. Ain't that the truth!
  6. @MadManMike Just saw this....
  7. Apoarently he only wants £5.5k! He might be in for a pleasant surprise. So is it definitely a 7 style car you're after? For example, this is also for sale: http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/forum/34/viewthread.php?tid=218043 I'm biased but I prefer a 7 style car but it's not for me! Like Adam I'm happy to help but my mechanical knowledge is very noobie, especially compared to Adam! Alternatively just post up a load of links and I'm sure we can all offer our opinions.
  8. Just saw this on locostbuilders forum: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haynes-roadster-kit-car-not-Westfield-caterham-robinhood-GBS/284174985636?pageci=1686c2ac-ab75-43c0-879a-6cb6e2533604 There's a bit more info on it than the one you posted up, but definitely scope to change a fair few things should you wish. Both of those have common engines in so plenty of spares (and knowledge about them) around. Like Adam says, it's all about build quality! I was quite lucky when I bought mine, I paid less than £5k and there was nothing wrong with it (other than old tyres). I ran it for a couple of years without having to do any work other than routine servicing. Although mine came with a pinto which are renown for being bombproof so unsurprising it didn't go wrong. (I wouldn't recommend a pinto though, they're old now and weigh shit loads...)
  9. Yessss you know it makes sense! Well winter is always a good time to buy one of these but people know this so generally they only come up for sale now if forced. Also covid probably means less for sale right now... Nevertheless, first choice for me would be decide if you want bike or car engined. Then I guess decide if you want a bit of a project or a car that's almost perfect. Those 2 things should determine your budget mostly. When I was buying mine, I was told to avoid Robin Hoods pretty much point blank but there are certainly some out there that have been built to a good standard so that's up to you I'd say. Probably the cheapest ones to buy though. Finally the main thing to remember with these is no 2 cars will be the same (obviously), so make sure you have a good nosey around them as you don't want to be driving round in something that's been built by barry the bodger (sorry barry). Feel free to hit me up with any questions anyway!
  10. Time for another change with the MK. Colour change time, removing all the yellow! Looked very mad max without wheel arches --- First time I have taken the scuttle off and I can now see all the wires for the dash.... I want to replace it but f**k tackling all that :/
  11. Just for balance, I had the opposite - the lady I bought from was so helpful she even emailed me what EVERY SINGLE flower, tree and bush in the garden was. Including the root stock?! Went right over my head to be honest... but was handy to know when my mum asked
  12. First of all that looks like a great first house! Fingers crossed for you! We bought our first house just over 5 years ago now and bloody love it. We were lucky enough to find a slight fixer upper with a decent size gardens/driveways (yes, plural!) in a nice area, so that we've 'fixed it up' I think we will end up staying here for a long time. I started sketching out some extension ideas early last year too to take it from a 3 bed 1 bathroom to a 5 bed 2 bathroom so hoping to get started with the first one in the next couple of years when funds allow. Oh and the garage sitation (the most important bit right?) - currently got 2 single garages which is a good start, but my plan is to knock them both down and build 1 big one twice the size of those 2 so effectively a 4 car garage.... going to be mega!!! Mortgage wise ours is with Halifax - we didn't get the best rate to start with mostly down to my partners credit rating, but when we renewed it last year we're now getting a very good rate so happy days! Think it's 1.4%
  13. Some sort of bear/monkey I'd say.
  14. I think you need a beer.
  15. I very much enjoy the 'wheel tractor fork' there Think it's already been mentioned but fishing, definitely. I would also agree on the silly exhausts and the current fad of the farty ones (think mostly DSG boxes?). People who argue on twitter (or any social media for that matter). People who ring up to complain about TV shows. People. I've probably got a load more that I'll add another time too....