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  1. Really depends what you want (obviously). But you can pick up older engined road worthy examples from like £2.5k. Or even less if you fancy more of a project. And obviously you can easily spend more than 10 or even 20 times that if you want the other end of the scale. Plenty of choice out there though! Of course there are so many variations in each one due to most of them being built by general public rather than the manufacturers themselves. If you decide you do want one, probably best to decide if you want Car or Bike engined first and go from there.
  2. New house got a garage? Get a 7!
  3. Couldn't recommend him enough. He's been so helpful during the build I definitely couldn't have done it without him. No idea if he has any experience with Hondas though....
  4. They sure are. Or jeep style anyway. I think they look good and the actual light output is crazy good (standard ones were like candles also...) . Cheers! I would absolutely recommend a 7 style car to anyone. So much fun!
  5. Car is up and running!! Had it mapped on Monday, sadly my exhaust is restricting it somewhat but it made 200bhp and 220lb-ft of torquey goodness. It really is incredible to drive. Such a difference from the pinto engine I took out.
  6. Where abouts is it, Sam? Local to us East Morton-ers?
  7. Thought I'd give a little update.... No idea when I last did. Engine swap was haulted big time whilst we were all locked down due to my car being at my friends garage. Not ideal. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when were allowed to make non essential journeys (in my opinion working on your car is essential but not everyone agrees with me there... ) Without going through everything I've done, the new gearbox and engine is now in! Just a few more things to fit before the 'first start'. Currently waiting on silicone hoses and also an oil pressure switch.... (don't ask). (not the best pictures, sorry)
  8. My partner is a primary teacher, and like mentioned above her school is meant to close from tomorrow. However there are a number of children in the school who's parents work for the NHS etc so they've been asked to actually come in to look after their children. I imagine it won't be ALL staff and that it'll be on a rota, but it's still funny how they are 'closed' but really not! I have to say, I am a ltitle relieved though - I would never get a minutes peace at home otherwise! She's rubbish at keeping herself entertained so she would just constantly interupt my work.
  9. Working from home as of today
  10. Haha nope! 2.5 duratec
  11. I haven't done an update in a while either.... Decided it is time to get some more power in my MK. New engine time! I've never really done any mechanic work other than servicing so this is quite a challenge and learning curve for me. Also I'm working on it in my tiny single garage.... Current progress: Engine removed (and now sold)! Lots of parts ordered Awaiting delivery of the new engine from the states....
  12. Sorry if you've already mentioned, but why the engine swap? Is the new engine the same spec as the last? 'm guessing from the fact you didn't mention anything about new engine mounts (or anything fabricated for that matter) that it is the same and just because the old one was dying?
  13. Been following your build thread on wscc - bloody brilliant. Can't wait to see it (presumably I'll bump into you at the odd track day?).
  14. Just sticking with the theme, I sold my c350 and bought a Z4. It's a 35i so 3 litre twin turbo goodness. it's been raining ever since, so no good pictures to show you sadly. This will have to suffice:
  15. I'm game now I have an appropriate car!! Westy sounds fun, Adam! Shame you're putting a bike engine in though