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Need Your Advice And A Gentle Kick In The Right Direction


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Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.What it is is, I've been riding just over a year and i think it's time for a new frame.Right, at the moment i ride a gate crasher 3, I've rode a couple of my mates bikes that where straight down to the wheel( Koxx level boss and T-Rex spec 2) and as much as i loved the look a didn't like the ride, in fact i hated it. so thats them out of the window so it look like it's going to be a dirt shape frame (If you get me,don't know the name for them) I don't mind one of them BUT...... this is where it gets tricky. I'm 16 and in bout a year imi'mrobably going to be driving and going to collage so i may not have the time to ride(hope i do) soso don't want to be spending loads, little as possible.I've been looking at a Base TA26 but i cant seem to find any and I've heard they crack a lot.How much are they worth in general? just the frame. I don't mind second hand as long as it's in good nick. What frames do you recommend?

Please help i'm pulling my hair out :deej: >>>>> :o

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its worth trying a saracen or a revell

there more towards the street style of frame

saracens arnt very expensive new around 100 pound

and revells are custom made for every person

only thing with saracens the rear end isnt that strong mine lasted a year and was a learning bike so it had some real abuse

hope this can help you out

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get what frame u want mate (Y) BUT if you are buying a second hand frame when u get it i would check for cracks ,trust me mate !I got a t-pro frame of my mates mate and built it up and went out on it and i was messin around doin some curb shizzle and i heard a craking sound and my bike was falling apart lol


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If you wanna ride pure trials go for an MBk or something!

if you want fun trials street und just awesome ridin' go

for the ashton justice! best bike i have ever ridden and

i rode a lot! (Y)(Y)

You can nearly do everything on it! (Y)

hope it helps you to make a choice! :)


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Okay so it looks like the Ashton is favourite and if it's a good bike in Ali's opinion then its must be good. The brand new one is out of my price range, even though I want to keep riding I dont want to spend loads of money on a bike then have to sacrifice it for studing (N) Do you know what they go for second hand?

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Ashton for sure nice frame easy on the back wheel and really quite wippy for a 26", plus is looks ace (Y)

Collage should not effect your riding ........ Just ride to collage, i do it with no hassle! plus there is something called weekends, apparently quite a good 2 days :P

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