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The Unholy Alliance Tour

Rich Pearson

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Me and Andy Pooley are heading up to see the last gig of the Unholy alliance tour with Slayer, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, etc, etc, was wondering if anyone else is gonna be heading on over, would be cool to meet up with some others for a drink afterwards.

Also, anyone know any good (read: cheap) hostels nearish to the Carling Academy? Still can't find any decent cheap ones....


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Brixtons alright,just gotta run like f**k!

i'll be watching some proper rock n roll though :P Backyard babies,with towers of london,but i swear to god i'm gonna piss on towers of london,assholes.i think you should ring me up at the gig richand we'll decide who's gig has the fittest birds,best value for money,most likely to get laid factor and stuff (Y)


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Will sound stupid, but is it anywhere near hammersmith. Bcause there's a Carling Academy near there, if so i might pop up.

Went to the one in Cardiff and it rocked. Lamb of God and In Flames were the best, but one of the In Flames guitarists isn't there for the tour( not the guy with tiger stripes) ,because he's sorting out some family stuff, but the new guy's really good and gets into it.

And the keyboard parts of Bodom will hurt your ears, because it's so high pitched. But it's all worthh it.

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