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Perfect At Last

tipsy Jock

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Just thought i'd post up a few pics of my Zona, She's finally finished! For once i can't think of anything i want to change :) Anyway just thought i'd see what you guys thought, apolegies for the shite pics but its dark out there!








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Thats a seriously nice bike you got there. How does the zeniths ride?

(Y) cool, i really like that, how does it ride as its in the not too long not too short category isnt it (for me anyway) :P

Totaly amazing, it normally takes me months to decide on frames, but i wanted this one soon as i had a go on a mates.

Mignight blue or purple i cant decide..... Fancy selling a bored cripple your pitbull???

Looks stealthy, you could sneak up on anyone riding that...

Nice job

Tom Lank

tempting, tempting.... Hows the leg?


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nearly walkable, hopefully be riding in 2 weeks max, come up to bangor to have a play, bring the bike im sure we can come to an arrangement, and you can check out my happen'n stiches


I'm up the wknd after next, the bike wont be with me though :( I can bring the pitbull frame up if you want to take a looksey?

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nicest zenith yet imo, looks very flash :- ... whats your opinion on the paint job and stickers? i have a zenith myself and i can't see why people take the piss on here because they look totally different in real life... shall post pictures of mine up when i have finished it... although there pictures on here of how it stands atm... only having tryall silver rims, rear dmr and some small tweaks...

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yer why not, cheers man!


Maybe matt will drink stuff out of wierder things


I'm coming up straight from work thursday specially so that i can go see Paddy :P

The wheelbase is 1070-75 i think, can't remember. Oh and i'm not so keen on the purple but the gun metal colour is ace, its nice to have a non silver frame. Scratchs like a b*****d though :(


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