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Stems For 06 Pitbulls

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Hifi due to the +55mm BB height it's a must for it ride corret and have the right geo, reach etc. I got a spear knocking about that i use on my +80mm and it felt nasty, got a t-master felt mint and spot on!


50mm rise!!

echo hifi/try all,- 130mmx15*

i got one n my bike feels a lot nicer!

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i use an onza t raptor stem on my pitbull.

it came with a tryall stem but it was to low for me and very hard to get n the back wheel.

once i changed it all was much much better.

as an older trails rider i did not like hanging over my bars with the low stem, it gave me back ache.

with the higher stem it gave me a more natural stance once on the back wheel.

i am quite recent to trials only getting my first bike 2 years ago.

i don't spend enough time on it due to work.

but always find the time to hop on to one ledge or another.


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