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Two Fresh Bikes. Well One Really


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Here is Robs brand new WASP, just finnished building her up, :P


new108.9 free wheel

yellow blocks just need to grind the rims now

shortened the bars.

Standard apart from that, the way nature intended.

Thanks Fred I only ordered it yesterday, now that is service !!!!! (Y)

The next one up is a real blast from yhe past it is Robs old 207 XLITE, the frame cracked at the last round last year (N) . I just couldn't bare to part with it.

I had it welded and strenghtened and powder coated black (cos thats what colour he was using at the time) and hey presto she is back. My little lass will be riding it soon now she has taken her wobble wheels off her Barbie bike.

WATCH out Nadine and Lois she is after you :rolleyes: ( does this mean she will be the youngest member of the infamous Trials Queens at 4 years old ?)


Enjoy the winter riding folks it will be spring before you know it. (Y)



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That WASP is BUFF, but the wheel base looks small, is that just how WASPs are? Or am i just gay?

Yes the wasp is short about 950 if i remember but it is for kids. It tips the scales at 7500g ish i think, so it is light as well

You may well be gay but that is none of my bees wax (Y)

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who else wants a kid so they can teach them trials? :rolleyes: peacock how much do you want for rob :shifty::P

Free to a good home. Needs regular feeding and exersise. Bleeds you dry, needs bollocking at least once a day...oh yes you also get a free little sister for him, one carefull owner. (Y)

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