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Right people i am looking at a new bike maybe and was looking at a monty.

Just wanting to hear from people with experiences with montys

-Have you had one crack or snapp?

-Or have a mates?

Only reason i ask is because a mate of mines ti cracked.


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i had a monty x-hydra as my first bike when i started riding again, loved it got me going loved riding it, they bunny hop amazing can bunny up higher then i can back wheel now, loved the geo really nice bikes, altho i did snap it eventually but i was using an echo hub and it pushed the frame wide

i suppose aslong as ur good to it, and dnt run a profile in it ull be fine m8, id certianly buy another

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i had a monty 221 x-lite which was almost 4 years old, didnt have any dents or cracks at all

the new owner is riding it now with no problems at all too (Y)

you shouldn't be afraid of any cracks or snapping with monty, as long as you don't do huge drops every day

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Ah yes, Monty... Had 3. One broke because I had no booster. In the other frame, the seat tube detached itself from the bb. And in my Ti, there's a tiny crack on the chainstay. One thing is certain - these frames are weak. But if you learn to appreciate them and love them, you'll just weld the cracks and carry on riding. I must say that the Ti rides like nothing I've ever had (apart from a stock bike) and it's definitely worth having even if you have to weld it from time to time.

My mate had lots of Montys in his life. He rode the black&white one (231 '01 maybe?) for a few years and it never cracked. He's a smooth rider but considering he was at one stage vice world champion, he wasn't giving these frames an easy time either.

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you have to bare in mind

Mine was fourth hand.

mikey, then someother guy, kerian then me

there nice frames, nice geo and sper light.


i wouldnt buy one.

speshily not new.


5th hand, Kieron bought it first (a lad from the next town) then mikey got it off him

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I bought my 221-ti (2005) second hand - I didn't realise at the time that there was a problem with the geo & a profile hub, so suprize, suprize..there's a crack in the chainstay. But it's been like that for as far as I can remember & I'm not a beast at riding, a tad heavy handed sometimes yet it's still holding up nicely.


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