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Luke From Bristol Bash 11/11/06


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Haha, ah the joys!

Hands were hurting so much during this ride that I wasn't really pulling much off (although i did hit a few lines with my feet the right way round Al/Darren/Kennard, how nuts is that?!)

Went and played on the big logs by the flyover for a while, and was nailing a few more techy/spinny lines which was nice.

Will see if I can get a pic or two up for you (they're on my laptop, currently at my lovely girlfriends place :))

Cheers for the input guys, and see you both soon for a ride hopefully!

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Few of the other shots, not great but you get an idea I suppose.

Managed to hit a manual along one of the beams, and a nice line up onto one beam, 180 to the next and up to the top. Only got it once nicely, but it's a start! ;)

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

And finally, the amazing Wino, some random pisshead who was hanging around with his grape-oriented stash :P

IPB Image

(Edit; spacing)

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