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Scotty Evil1

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Hi All

*I know this question has been asked many a time before, but i've got a few specific things that need to be covered.*

Well, just found out we should be getting about £200* from insurance cause i broke my cam ( :$ ) in the summer.

Need some advice and questions answered please if you can

Price range is £200-£300

Any suggestions?

I want to be able to do the basic, film, edit put on site etc. So i need it to be fairly high quality.

Also, dvd camcorders, what are they like?

Can you still put them on your computer and edit them?

Any suggestions and answers would be most appreciated

Thanks a lot

Scott (Y)

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I've been looking at camcorders myself recently but I'm still undecided on what to get.

Panasonic seem to do a few good ones starting at about £300 ish for a 3 chip camera (3 chip is supposed to be better quality than single chip).

I would go for miniDV rather than DVD or hard drive recorders because from what I've heard miniDV is uncompressed and still the most 'tried and tested' format. Both DVD and hard drive recorders compress the recording as it goes on so you are limited to the compression that they use.

This is just what I've heard, I'm still looking into camcorders myself so I'm not 100% sure.

Try doing a google search for camcorder reviews.

Hope this helps (Y)

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