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Msn Trouble


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Please help me, this is seriously getting on my nerves...

When i try to log into msn (Windows Live Messenger) it will sign in then instantly sign out and say you have lost connection with the server, and have that little countdown thing. I have to 'connect now' 15-20 times before it will stay logged in.

What is also troubling me is that when i'm on my other internet (mums house) I don't have this problem. I am using wireless internet at both homes and this is what i have done to try and rectify the problem...

  • Restarted my computer
  • Disconnected and Re connected
  • Repaired it in the Add/Remove Hardware thing on the control panel

Please help me out, it is terribly anoying



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Msn had its problems but it just seams windows live has even more.

I mean it can work greta on osme computers like mine.

But also i can completely F**K up on others like i know a few mates its screwed up on like this just wont sign them in and so on.

My best advise it to go and download msn 7 or somthing i think you can get it still at download.com


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