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I currently have a set of '05 control forks which have taken a bit of a battering so I'm thinking about options when they go.

I know the original urban was designed as the heavier/stronger fork (800 vs 600g or something like that) but having looked on Tarty there seems to be much less difference. Ok, the control is curved and black and weighs 839g and has a slightly different rake (5mm) and length (3mm) as opposed to straight and silver and weighs 884g.

But can 45g make that much difference?

Is there now less difference in strength/weight, is it more about looks?


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I have this dilemma too, i don't know what to go for. I want the urbans i think but the others are black which match my bike, and the crontrol's have less rake anyway, which is also what im after. HMm.

if you want urbans in black then the zoo! forks are basically identical, but in black.

ive just broken some 06 urbans, so ill defo be getting the new urbans as i imagine the controls would go snap

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