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Trying To Get A Fixed Cog Off My Cranks.

The lemonade man

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I've done this a few times, with cog intact...

What you need:

-Crank puller to get crank off bike

-Piece of chain, 20+ links ideally


-Long metal pipe or similar


Start off by taking the crank off the bike. Wrap the chain around the sprocket, ideally a tall chain like a KMC Kool or a KHE Collapse to protect the teeth. Clamp the sprocket in the vice, tighten it as hard as you dare, you can go pretty hard on this.. Slip the pipe over the crank, and give it some force. It will be hard to get off, smacking it with a hammer could help I guess, I've never needed to. The pipe I used the last time was 5ft long, but that's because it was the only one I had lying around... Long is good though.

Have fun.

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