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Saracen Kid

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when i get my new frame and i become good :P iam thinking of getting into comps but what are the rules and regulations for comps i.e gears etc. also are there any comp clubs (i think there called that) in the eastern side of somerset/western side of wilture. alsois there a rule on what clothing you wear on comps (except pixie shoes)

saracen rider (Y)

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i think u will find he siad saracen and u said its a good bike :rolleyes:lol

but it is a fine bike for a beginer i know 2 people that heave them they dont ride them very hard though personely i would never buy a saracen

but if it was a choice of having a saracen or nothing i would have a saracen any day

it is a good beginer bike but i think he went over the top by saying it was a realy good bike.

thats a bit gay i think if some one doesnt want gears they shouldnt have to i would like to enter comps wen i get better but i am getting a zoo pitbull single speed so i cant know.

in this months mbuk ther was a champion and the son of the owner of koxx and trials they both had single speed and they were amazing that wasnt street eather.

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your now allowed single speed at uci compe, but from what I gather you still must use a hub that has enough room for 6 gears (so no singlespeed hubs) that mean the new mod stock wont be able to compete in any mayjor comps.

You must have 6 working gears for BIU comps, but at the brits you can ride a single speed, but your result is declared void. Most small comps allow singlespeed no problems though.

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