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Do The Old T-comp Frames Really Snap So Easily?

onza t-jammy

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Apparently yes, but that's because they're designed for competitions, not street, it clearly mentions on the Onza website that it's only meant for competition use hense the name T-COMP So it's not advisable to get if you don't ride in competitions enough to make it a worth while spend.

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yup,tis true.my mate had one,snapped in 4 different places(he got his re-welded) there was nothing saying it couldnt be used for street etc,so he mailed them for a new frame (superycles that is,not onza direct) and they sent him a shitty e-mail back saying if he couldnt ride a bike properly,he should quit...

but yes,they are pretty snap happy.


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What the differance between them, and the old T-mag? or did it snap easily too?

Tinner tubing. And they find out it was too weak to they welded on metal slabs to make it stronger, but it didn't work.

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