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I was just wondering if you can deactivate your account on trials forum because i don't really use it much not and i am taking up just 1 more name that somebody else would like to use.

If you don't go on trials forum for a while does it deactivate its self i would really like to know if you know please could you explain how thank you.

Craig walker

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yeah i want to CHANGE my name to 26inchsuperstar as i dont ride 20inch anymore and im sure that someone would want my name i have at the moment :P

i asked a mod and nowt happened

better try again,


It takes a while before they do something with it :P

I sent them a mail to change my name, and it took 3 weeks...

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To be honest...

Trials-forum isnt there job.

They Do have lifes, i know its hard to belive but they do..

Yes they are normal riders like us that have set up something to help us all they don't get paid for it, if they sat here all day reading all your e-mails they would not have a job or any time for riding :) .

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