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don't skimp on a lid buddy, I bet you spend plenty on your ride.

You can't put a price on your noggin. ;)

AirVally cycles have some good Giro lids that fit well and don't cost the earth. I belive they do mail order, get in touch and speak to Waynio he will be able to advise you better. (Y)


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Don't buy mail order unless you know exactly what you want. Go to a shop, try different brands on, and see which fits best and is most comfy. Just because you've got a 42cm head (or whatever) doesn't mean that a 42cm Giro will definatley fit. You need to try on different brands and in different sizes to find the best for you.

If it's not comfy, you won't wear it. If it doesn't fit properly, then in a crash it could do more harm than good, and you may as well not wear it.

The most important thing about a lid isn't what it looks like, if it's well ventilated, or if it's cool, it's all about how well it fits.

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Just like to say I'm pleased somebody wants to be safe! If you don't think nothing will happen if you don't have a helmet think again!




Yep the picture of my cracked head open :helmet:

I felt really stupid for not wearing a helmet please all learn from my mistake,

Thank you!

Criag walker

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